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Security Intelligence: Total Control of All World’s Electronic Communication with Zero Responsibilities

- Last update on August 5, 2020

By Dr. Artour Rakhimov, Alternative Health Educator and Author –

peaceful landscape with mind reflecting lives of secret agents from national security organizations When it comes to the analysis and social role of separate leaders (presidents, PMs, ministers, directors, managers, etc.) of the society or any group of people, it is all in the details. This site is about the details of the secret life of state-paid secret agents (agents of national security organizations) who have and claim exclusive control of all electronic communication in the world (including internet, emailing, banking, credit card transactions, faxes, cell phone messaging and calls, and so forth). Yes, secret agents have zero responsibility for the results of this control. This means that a certain criminal group can have access to all these types of communication, use this information to organize crimes (massacres, shootings, killing children, often camouflaged as murder-suicides, plane crashes, explosion, industrial disasters, and much more).

State-paid secret agents (national security agents) from Western countries (including the USA, Canada, the UK, Ireland, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, etc.) do many useful things to protect the safety of the public. However, there are also activities of security intelligence agents that are often illegal, and sometimes criminal, and useless (for personal or private entertainment while using public resources and during the professionally paid time).

Secret agents are currently:
– the world’s most skillful cheaters
– the world’s most skillful liars and confusion-makers (an amazing tool to hide or cover up something or to avoid responsibility)
– the world’s most skillful bullies (where the use of fear and confusion)
– sometimes the world’s most skillful criminals.
There are many stories (something that you can never meet in public newspapers, TV, Radio, etc.) on this site that testify that.

You likely met in your life people who:
– systematically lied to you in order to gain some advantage
– tried to manipulate you in order to make you do something that you did not want to do, but they wanted
– avoided responsibility by saying that somebody else forced them to do so
– told different parts of the same story to different people so that present themselves in a positive way while being the main wrong-doers
– routinely involved in marring images of other people (their targets) who have nothing to do with terrorism or any wrong-doing.
All these qualities exactly reflect how modern Western security intelligence organizations or states’ secret agents from Western national security agencies interact with other civilians and even with each other.

In my view, Western secret agents from FBI, MI5, BND, CSIS, and security intelligence agencies from other countries now form a global conspiracy against certain totally innocent civilians and even whole health movements and communities (such as the Buteyko Breathing Method, New Decision Therapy, etc.). These targeted individuals, in the eyes of secret agents, are responsible for crimes committed by the third party.

Many innocent people paid for these activities of secret agents from national security organizations (NSAs) with their lives and many more with their health.

On pages of this site, you will find many names of these victims and details related to the techniques and methods used by govt secret agents against people who have nothing to do with terrorism.

Your pre-education

In order to understand the lives of modern secret agents and targets (whose behavior and lives secret agents are trying to secretly influence), it helps to know the following experiments famous in social psychology: Little Albert Experiment, Stanley Milgram’s obedience experiments, and Zimbardo’s Stanford prison experiment.

Another source of useful information, if you want to understand the better real life of modern secret agents, is known about the social and inter-communal behavior of wild male chimps in relation to their treatment and control of females. There are many similarities here related to security intelligence politics, formation of alliances, display games, actions to females (trying symbolic grooming, then battering, then rape in order to get sex), border patrols (which are now continuous due to hidden security cameras, like for the monkey from the Toy Story), producing enough injuries just enough to make a target person dies, etc..

Male chimps use murders (usually of babies, known as “infanticide”) as tools of control and manipulation. Among secret agents, similarly, not only murders but large-scale massacres are routinely used for blackmailing and control. This relates to probably all large massacres (especially suicide-massacres) that took place around the world during the last several decades with the use of brainwashed stooges.

There are of course differences with chimps too. Unlike communities of male chimps, secret agents are extremely united (to the state of delusion and uncontrollable hysteria) about their secrecy so that governments and public continue to feed them, while the agents can continue to manipulate politicians, stooges, internet and other communication methods with media control of millions of gullible human pests (the way how the agents themselves describe targets and general population).

Hundreds of People Paid with Their Lives for Internet/Communication Safety Myth Created by Security Intelligence Secret Agents

During the last decades, hundreds of people died due to internet-communication myth since access to private communication makes anybody exceptionally vulnerable to being murdered. This illusion was created for the general public by secret agents working for NSAs (national security agencies, such as FBI, MI5, CSIS, etc.) which are paid for the protection of public safety. Read more about this topic here: Communication safety myth.

Obedience to authority

How teams of mental slaves (national security agents) are trying to control communication, society, and targets using stooges (also called “human pests”) and special “as-if-natural” techniques.

NSA (national security agencies) do many very useful jobs, but there is also another part of what they do. They are very modest, from the official viewpoint, but excessively resourceful teams of people. When they secretly meet with other officials, their clients or to recruit stooges, modern secret agents from so-called “security intelligence” claim that all other people need to behave as if secret agents do not exist…

If you have a really bright brain, imagine that cops (who are ruled by strict laws and rules) get the same type of immunity and a total lack of supervision: assume that all evidence related to cops-wrongdoings could be easily destroyed by the same cops. (You probably have seen real videos how cops beat or killed black people in the USA.) What would happen with communities of cops in this case? Simply transfer your conclusions to secret agents, and this would be an accurate reflection of reality. There are many pages and dozens of situations that provide such examples on this site.

It was probably some smart social person, like Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, or Dalai Lama, who invented this amazing idea “as if we do not exist”. Or possibly, there were clinical studies or practical evidence that, if people are provided by this exclusive hiddenness or veil of secrecy that covers people and their actions (not technologies, technical facts and methods as it is done in science, banking, etc.), then these “covered” people are going to do a better job (of protecting public safety, in this case).

Just apply your brains and think about your own life or the lives of others around you, like your friends, relatives, neighbors, and acquaintances. If people are provided with absolute secrecy (in relation to people and their actions) or when they do something while hiding from others, what would be the effects of this factor? Here are 3 possible outcomes:

1) They would do better things and become better people with improved performance providing better protection of the society and public safety.
2) Their behavior would be unchanged.
3) They are more likely to degenerate into scoundrels or scumbags.

Read more about why ordinary people swallow this piece of absolute nonsense (“as if we do not exist”) and what the logical outcomes of this stunning invention are.

My life experience show that, in such conditions (zero responsibility), these people become highly inventive in relation how to destroy any person (called “target”), their health, group of targets, movement, etc., based on personal emotions and dislikes that some secret agents may experience to targets, especially when these targets are from other cultures or when, due to some personal traits, these targets became hated by certain secret agents who represent so-called “security intelligence”, “national security”, “national security agencies”, etc.

You can navigate to any page of this site from the top menu above.

Russian KGB Leninist

Then we have more analysis related to the spiritual life of surviving GULAG KGB agents, whose brave heroes who are still hiding in bushes from their past crimes.

Terrorism and Activities of KGB Leninist

Terror threat: The main terror threat comes from fast seduction-based brainwashing techniques developed and widely used by KGB Leninist worldwide for acts of terrorism.
Mystery murders, suicides, massacres, plane crashes, and many other tragic events worldwide are often designed by surviving GULAG KGB secret agents.
Brainwashing techniques: trauma-based CIA brainwashing techniques vs. fast seduction-based KGB brainwashing techniques in the search for total mind control, including origins and failure of CIA’s MK ULTRA and Monarch mind control methods. Do you know that KGB had dozens of brainwashing labs and millions of human subjects for the development of total brainwashing methods?
How to avoid brainwashing: Methods and techniques, physiological changes in the brainwashed people.
Mind control and how KGB uses mind control to control the minds of people worldwide.
Obama approval rating sharply falls after one unusual death in 2009 (a Mexican Professor died days after shaking hands with President Obama in Mexico City) and appearance of swine flu that Obama “brought” from Mexico to the USA and the rest of the world.
Obama vs. zombies: How KGB agents used germ warfare (swine flu pandemics) and murder to condition people against President Obama at the top of his popularity.
Lee Harvey Oswald: A brainwashed KGB Spy? Lee Harvey Oswald, the killer of President Kennedy (JFK), could be a brainwashed KGB spy, but not with the use of the seduction-based fast brainwashing technique with total mind control.
Toronto Yoga teacher probably killed by KGB Leninist.
KGB Gulag leaders, mass murderers, still thriving in Siberia.
State terrorism in cases of acts of terror organized by KGB Leninist and their support by the Russian state.
Modern Siberian KGB – Gulag mass murderers modeled by 1974 Milgram experiment.
Psychological differences in modern attitudes to the Holocaust and Stalinists’ repressions.
Milgram experiment explains KGB: Why remnants of Soviet Gulag KGB-FSB still murder people worldwide.
Russian Terrorism is based on brainwashing techniques that lead to total mind control and create an ideal terrorist who can kill others and himself.
Why the world is silent about KGB Leninist.
Australian National Security Service: Dirty tricks with PC files recovery and use of street junkies.
National Security Agents Are Above Presidents: Secret agents from National Security Agencies feel smarter and more important than Presidents and other rulers. Learn about this gradual and subtle transition that was originated in the Soviet Communist state and took place decades.
How secret agents use psychology dirty tricks to avoid or even displace responsibility on their targets or victims.
How secret agents play legal experts due to training from higher authorities that create thousands of gullible highly confident security intelligence clowns whose only skill is confidence based on zero knowledge and zero creativity.

Weird and mysterious clusters of crimes

Have you heard about the mysterious deaths of 8 alternative and holistic doctors on the East Coast of Florida? All deaths took place within a short period of time in June-July 2016.

Do you know that, since 9/11, over 15 leading world’s microbiologists died under mysterious circumstances? (The previous link to deaths of doctors discusses these events.)

Right after a small US university from Fairfax (Virginia) decided to organize an exhibition about KGB GULAG labor camps and educate the world about the remaining world’s largest group of mass murderers, there were 4 mysterious suicide-murders in a small county. Read more about Russian KGB agents and how they could set up these four 2006 Fairfax suicide-murders using fast seduction-based KGB brainwashing techniques leading to total mind control.

Brainwashing crimes (massacres, plane crashes, suicide-murders,)

The Brainwashing Section of this site has pages devoted to various topics including crimes committed by brainwashed zombies. Most plane crashes, explosions, massacres, etc. that you find in news these days are executed by robots. The organizers of these crimes are surviving KGB Leninist who, unlike CIA, FBI, or anything else, had millions of subjects to experiment with.

Social psychology

This is a site about social problems, causes of wars, violence, and hostility, nonviolent solutions, education for peace within a person, group, community, etc. and on the Earth. The site analyzes causes of violence, modern crimes, and wars. Among topics of future interests are human rights, democracy (do we indeed have any), poverty, human greed, and anger. Here are major Sections of this website.

Abnormal breathing that is present in over 99% of modern people and effects of hyperventilation on the brain and mind are discussed on pages of the NormalBreathing site that is also the main site created and authored by Dr. Artour Rakhimov.

The single most important cause of violence and wars is very simple but commonly ignored by ordinary people and public officials. This cause is right under the nose. In order to have wars, pollution of the environment, poverty, hunger, and many other large social problems, we need to have obedience to authority from those who were never educated about their choice and about the evolutionary origins of this pathological reflex.

There are pages from the Social psychology Section: studies and research related to most profound and most neglected areas related to conditioning and obedience to authority (the key pathological reflex in humans that fuels most violence on the Earth).

Old comments from the website with the previous name

Angel Aaron FB Profile
Angel Aaron · Commented on Psychology For Peace
(I hope that this message blesses someone. These words came to me this morning and I had to share them with you guys here on Artour’s website. -Aaron)
“Sin is missing the mark.” Dr. Joe Dispenza
Sometimes we assume that there is conscious being that wants to punish us for not doing “right”, whether that be God or the Devil.
… this punishment/reward system is what many people refer to when they talk about karma.
But wouldn’t living as anything less than a entirely enlightened, joyful, meaningful, inspired life be self-imposed torture?
There certainly is polarity to Life, Peace and Divinity – the opposite is Death, Chaos, and Carnality.
The subtle, earth-shattering point here is that *you* create your reality.
You are the master who chooses the balance between the two great energies in your life: Divinity and Carnality…
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Angel Aaron · Commented on Psychology For Peace
Informative and beautiful website. It’s awesome!
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