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Secret audio weapons used by NSA or security agents against targets

- Last update on December 25, 2018
By Dr. Artour Rakhimov, Alternative Health Educator and Author

Many people believe that in order to convert an active person into a vegetable or create neurosis in a person, secret agents use drugs in food or drinks (mild poisoning) or toxic gases. Yes, there are numerous toxic chemicals that cause any level of a headache, annoyance, irritation, neuroticism, and many other emotions. But there are also powerful drug-free techniques that will be described here. These techniques of modern security intelligence relate to use of noises or audio signals which appear as if they are present or coming from the natural environment. In reality, secret agents secretly instruct stooges (using cell phones).

Some of these methods include the following types of noises and stooges who generate these noises.

Sirens can be generated by stooges who are located nearby (but hidden from the target). These sirens can be produced by drivers of fire department trucks, ambulances, and police cars. Due to exclusive role and place of modern security intelligence in the society, all these stooges (firefighters, paramedics, and cops) humbly wait for their time to appear, with a strong belief in their hearts and minds that they are helping to save the world. (Do you know that there is a powerful human instinct called “obedience to authority” that immediately converts all talks and beliefs about human rights, freedoms, and democracy into bubbles and myths? Do you know that it has been also a taboo topic for many decades since the discovery of this effect?)

The second echelon of noise generators is represented by Harley riders and other similar drivers of motorcycles who appear outdoors with the purpose to impress the world with their noises. Note that when someone declares himself a Jesus or Napoleon, without affecting other people or imposing his beliefs on others, he could be forcefully taken into a mental hospital. But when someone confidently pollutes the environment and travels with the purpose of producing farting noises, other humans humbly hide their tails between their legs. The key feature here is an extreme confidence, better with big muscles and a highly cocksure body posture. Then it is not important how disrespectful, or disgusting, or scummy one’s actions are, and this is another amazing feature that unites Harley riders and many secret agents into a tight spiritual brotherhood.

Then there is a community of sporty car junkies and noisy car junkies who are close, in their spiritual essence, to everything that is described above.

Finally, one more audio technique to influence stooges is to generate snaps from walls, ceiling, furniture, windows, etc. in the closest surrounding of the target, these noises are generated by secret agents themselves.

Generally, anybody and anything that creates audio noises and, therefore, can cause interruptions in life or annoyance in an average person (due to inability to do a job or to focus) become a treasure for the modern security intelligence community. Among other typical methods used by secret agents were alarms (from cars, shops, houses, or private businesses) or just people who loudly speak on their cell phones, but in a foreign language, for example, in buses, trains, or other public places.

During the last 15+ years, I experienced these special audio activities of secret agents in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Australia, and the EU nearly every day. So, this is a first-hand experience. On an average day, for these 15+ years, regardless of my location, I had 15+ sirens per day, 15+ Harley-type stooges passing near me or next to the house where I lived or stayed, 30+ car junkies, and dozens of snaps from walls, ceilings, windows, furniture, etc.

How many sirens does an average person hear in one day? No more than one unless near a hospital where it can be 5-10. How many noisy motorcycles are passed near an average person in an average place in a day? (I know that there are special places, like motorbike shops, where Harleys are extremely common every few minutes.) How many sporty car junkies are heard by an average person per day? No more than 1 or 2.

An important feature of these techniques is that outside noises should be in close proximity (not some blocks away), loud, and lasting (not just for a few seconds, but for minutes).

What are the common features of all these audio techniques? Secret agents select stooges who have PROBLEMS, in many cases severe problems, or emergency, on a border with hysteria. One does not need to be a super shrink in order to realize that all these techniques normally should cause stress and confusion.

Just generation of these tremendous (by ordinary standards) organized hysteria of sounds would be enough to create an impression for the target that he is now in a city-slum of scumbags surrounded by predators (and there are more waiting just around the corner).

But the effects of these methods can be amplified by 10-100 times with precise timing that help agents to achieve the most destructive effects for the mind of the target. These noises need to be produced at the exact timing when there is either natural confusion (the target makes choices) or transition from one activity of the target to another.

Did you notice that every day, you have short moments, usually just a few seconds, when you make decisions in relation what to do next, what to eat, what to drink, where to go, etc.? These are the most “precious” moments for secret agents to apply these audio techniques. Then your natural confusion will be amplified 10-100 times.

Then the total impression is that these predators make “comments” about your confusion. It is as if these predators suck all your energy into their super-confident appearance with the purpose to peck you.

From the psychological viewpoint, these activities are very close to experiments done with dogs and sheep in order to induce experimental neurosis.

With a simple math, I calculated that since 1998, on an average day, I am getting more confusion and stress from agents than in 1 year of my prior-1994 life from all my coaches, teachers, bosses, supervisors, administrators, friends, and enemies combined.

Noises make many effects of these methods more powerful. However, similar effects can be achieved with quiet techniques related to signs and symbols. However, in order to be effective, these noiseless methods require more stooges. These techniques can be also described on pages of this site.