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A Citizen of Canada Applied for Political Asylum in 7 EU Countries: CSIS-MI5 Methods

- Last update on June 6, 2023
By Dr. Artour Rakhimov, Alternative Health Educator and Author

This video from April 2018 is about the main cause of my 13 political asylums in EU countries (as a citizen of Canada – is it a safe country – watch the video and decide) due to harassment methods of CSIS agents.

The events below help to understand why modern security agencies (national security organizations) are ineffective dealing with higher-tech KGB GULAG crimes, such as the first unsolved massacre of the Rhodes family (8 people) in Pike County, Ohio, USA (2016), unsolved murders of 8 alternative doctors in June-July 2015 Florida, and dozens of massacres committed by zombies or stooges (2018 Las Vegas Massacre, Florida Parkdale School shooting, etc.). Thus, apart from using brainwashed people, the snoopy KGB Leninist (formerly known as GULAG KGB Mafia aka KGB Mafia or GULAG Mafia) controls a network of uncatchable serial killers that is particularly strong in the USA.

All these crimes have a purpose to influence mental states and direction of attention in secret agents. In the past, these crimes were designed to condition secret agents against Dr. KP Buteyko, Sasha Stalmatsky, Kandis Blakely, and many others.

How mind analyzes topics related to power and authority

But before going into this hot and emotional topic (methods and techniques used by NSAs and why they do that), one needs to know that 99% of humans are controlled by an instinct or reflex that requires the human being (a social animal within) to be nearly completely obedient to authority so that nearly each human, when “guided” by authority, can gradually kill a totally innocent stranger as Milgram showed in his experiments on obedience to authority.

Therefore, in order to have peaceful resolution of these spiritual challenges (i.e., without making a dramatic psychological switch, even in your mind, from a slave to the next slave-owner, who could be more violent), one needs to clearly see how this instinct appeared and why it was exceptionally beneficial for social survival and evolvement of human species in the past, and how the same instinct of obedience became the major hidden cause of various social problems ranging from environmental pollution to the destruction of traditional families, violence, and local and global wars.

Thus, I urge the reader to pay good attention to the following likely activities in the brain due to an expression of this instinct:

  • The mind would have an urge to find faults or problems within the person targeted by the authority (going against any authority, even mentally, could mean death in the past)
  • The mind would try to fill in gaps (inventing theories and excuses) justifying the ugliest and repressing authority since lining up with an authority increases chances of one’s survival.
  • If you get convinced that the authority is wrong, then your mind will swing your emotions in the opposite direction: now you wish this authority to be violently removed (revolution).

It will be a great metacognition or mindfulness exercise, if you can monitor how your mind is either working for the authority or swinging from one extreme to another, thus avoiding or resisting to see the truth that is somewhere in the middle.

Down below, I am going to share those techniques that were used by secret agents from largest world’s national security organizations to make my life unbearable and make me apply for political asylums and move from one place to another for over 20 years (starting from 1996).

People often ask me why I travel so much and what my health parameters are. I am happy to be alive.

From 1998 to 2007, as a citizen of Canada and while having a Canadian passport, I applied for political asylum in 7 different EU countries (Norway, Ireland, the UK, the Netherlands, Iceland, and Belgium), more than 10 times, and for the last 18 years I tried to settle/live in more than 20 other areas in different countries (including the USA, United Kingdom, Australia, Ireland, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Portugal, etc.) only to discover that there is a small difference in the methods used by secret agents in Canada (the Canadian secret agency is called CSIS or Canadian Security Intelligence Service) and other national secret organizations, such as FBI, MI5, and so forth.

Using snaps to prevent sleep

The main initial technique used by CSIS agents involved producing loud crispy snaps, every 10-60 seconds, during the whole night, in rooms where I tried to sleep. At this time, in 1997-1998, I worked as a High School teacher of Maths (Calculus, Algebra and Geometry, and Physics). Using snaps makes deep stages of sleep impossible. I could drowse into some sleep after about 3-4 am, but then at around 7 am I had to go to work.

After many sleepless nights in a row, emotional states are affected (feeling very stressed, depressed and agitated at the same time, with reduced memory and greatly reduced multi-tasking skills). I remember seeing small fires when walking on a street severely deprived of sleep. (Many years later, in an article, I read that it is common, after severe sleep deprivation, to see fires.)

Since I was renting a room, there were other tenants in the house. They asked me about the causes of noises and I could not explain…

Two times, I invited policemen from OPP (Ontario Provincial Police), but when they were in the room, waiting for up to 10-20 minutes, the room was completely silent. Later, I invited cops 2 more times with the same effect: those snaps were “intelligent”. They could see that it was time to disappear.

So, later, I moved to another part of the GTA (Greater Toronto Area): from Downtown Little Italy (where I lived on Palmerston Ave, near College St, to North York where my school was located hoping that noises would disappear.

The noises were following me there, as well as many sirens and alarms at night and in other places where I go during the day: up to 30-100 experiences with ambulances, fire department trucks, and police cruises. (It has been a common CSIS technique to use emergency professionals as stooges for the next 20 years, until present times, May 2016).

I also tried to move to other provinces and spent about a week in Winnipeg, Manitoba and several months in Edmonton, Alberta in 1997-1998. While noises at night were reduced in other places, sirens and alarms were common, and I started to get weird symptoms related to digestion likely due to using of heavy metals (mercury) by CSIS agents from Ontario and Alberta.

Eventually, after about 2 years of lousy sleep and quickly deteriorating physical health (to be described separately) with numerous attempts to settle in other cities and provinces, I decided to leave Canada.

The list of my main initial challenges (that made normal life impossible or unbearable so that I had to move from one place to another) included sleep deprivation lasting for many months every single night and indoor and outdoor harassment using 1,000s of stooges on motorbikes (often Harley Davidson bikes), in noisy cars, with sirens, alarms, heavy rock that makes the body of a car vibrate. One can encounter such situations maybe once in a day or in a month. Secret agents can direct 100s of stooges in any location and provide them within, for example, 1 hour.

I had this situation 100s of times across the world. I can arrive in the quietest park or residential area of California, or Pennsylvania, or Dublin, or Amsterdam, or Brussels, etc., and within minutes, a peaceful place (that was probably was quiet for months or years) will be transformed into a roaring scene full of noisy cars and motorcycles.

In 2012-2014, I visited my mother (Nazilia Rakhimova, yob 1937) who lived in her apartment in North York (Greater Toronto Area). She experienced exactly the same problems: violent snaps from walls generated day and night, up to 50-200 snaps per day, and noisy cars outdoors, often up to 10-30 long sirens in one day or night… The intersection where she lived (Steeles Ave. and Bathurst St) is noisy, but it should not get more than 1-2 emergency vehicles in a day. Secret agents can increase this by a factor of 10, 50, or 100.

She experienced many other weird events such as the disappearance or appearance of objects in her apartment. For example, once, in 2014, we went shopping with her. We left her apartment together and came back together about 30-40 min later. There were numerous rubber gloves taken from a box and thrown on the floor in the kitchen, living room and washroom… My mother developed quickly progressing Alzheimer’s disease. Since 2014 and until her death she believed that someone wanted to kill her. When I visited her days before her death in a home for aged (she died on May 28, 2016), she believed that staff members of the home for the aged had the plot to kill her.

Many state secret agents (who watch into holes or secret cameras) are charged to act. The purpose of their activities is to influence the imagination of people. (Note that, for the first time in the history of state-paid agencies, NSAs use high-tech devices and also recruit millions of stooges in order to influence the minds of their targets.)

It is possible that just these 2 methods alone (snaps and stooges with all types of their machinery) can create serious mental effects in an average person.

Apart from these methods, there were severe internet problems when visiting 5-7 different places, I could be the only person who could not get online) use of radiation, destruction of digestion with toxins, destruction of laptops, memory disks (in the 1990’s) and USB sticks later, and much more.

With about 20 years of experiences with all these methods, it is clear for me that there were large changes in the relative role and weight of these techniques and a certain dynamic in the use of these methods by CSIS agents.

Other NSAs

While slightly different CSIS, or FBI, or MI5 etc., all NSAs (national security organizations) known to me have their own specifics. There are also similarities: all these communities of national security agents are surely and solidly bound by a duty/sense of extreme professional solidarity so that no information about activities and methods of one group become public anywhere else…..

Thus, there are two aspects of the typical Western secret service: a holy facade or face promoted for the general public by media and state officials and what is going on behind the curtains.

I am happy to be alive since Alexander Stalmatsky and Kandis Blakely did not last that long. (This year I can celebrate 20 years of “interactions” with world’s NSAs or national security agencies and I am still doing and going pretty well!)

There are pages that described traveling and/or causes of their constant displacements from one country or area to another. These causes also relate to activities of the Russian GULAG KFB Mafia in relation to:

I am certain that there are many more people who experienced similar or the same methods and techniques used by secret agents from national security organizations. You can share those details below.