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Australian National Security Service: Dirty Tricks

- Last update on December 25, 2018
By Dr. Artour Rakhimov, Alternative Health Educator and Author

20 December 2012. I arrived in Australia a week ago and spend these days in Melbourne and Sydney areas. Here is a short summary of events that involve Australian National Security Service.

I arrived with my laptop crashed. The hard drive was broken. I was suggested to replace the hard drive or to get another laptop. However, I had many important recent files including the almost ready book “Advanced Buteyko breathing exercises”. However, when I tried to recover hard drive data, I discovered numerous dirty tricks, including:
– inability to get information from the internet about phone numbers of laptop technicians (somebody was blocking the internet so that I could get contacts of only 3 people out of about 10)
– empty promises and inability to make our appointments with these 3 technicians, including the inability to get in touch with them after they did not arrive at our meetings
– about 3-4 times longer time wasted on the installation of software programs that I used on my previous computers for many months to build new web pages
– removal of most recent backup files from my USB drive and from the website server where I stored another backup copy of my recent documents (in the last case, I opened the directory online and started to transfer a recent backup, but all recent files disappeared, literally in front of my eyes, and were substituted with 2-month-old files). One may realize that there are only specially equipped people who can hack any computer and do anything with it. These people include secret agents from Australian National Security Service.

I also experienced various dirty tricks in relation to my next laptop. All my previous 7-8 laptops which I bought during the last 4 years had one serious defect. Although they were of different makes (Dell, HP, Toshiba, and Compaq), all of them sometimes produced sharp loud snaps. Depending on my location (country and area), any of these 8 laptops could produce from 0 up to 10-15 loud snaps. These laptops could also produce braying type of noises. During recent months, I asked dozens of people with laptops, but none of these people had a similar problem.

The laptop that I got in a second-hand shop in Australia had only 5 min battery life instead of promised 1 hour. It does not display the battery icon and the Wi-Fi icon in the lower right corner and cannot play videos due to some problems with a flash player (it sends me in circles to download the newest version, then refuses to install it, again ask about a newer version, and so on).

In short, I only managed to recover a 2-month-old version of my hard drive with weeks of work lost. I also lost nearly all work done on the almost-ready book “Advanced Buteyko breathing exercises”.

Another popular dirty trick is to block electronic cards in hotels and hostels. I stayed in 4 different hostels in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane. In all 4 hostels, my success rate in opening doors with electronic cards was about … 30%. I asked several other (ordinary) people, and all of them told me that they have about 90-100% success rate or nearly always. Obviously, the electronic cards are created for the convenience of people, but the highly drilled intelligent clown can artistically make crap out of anything.

Apart from these professionally done dirty tricks, during this week, I also experienced several hundred, maybe thousands of street junkies. These include those seemingly lousy car drivers (bums) who cannot repair their broken mufflers (exhaust pipes), drivers on sporty cars with loud music, often heavy rock that makes the body of the car vibrate, and bikers on Harleys and other motorcycles. Normally, one may meet such deviants only a few times per day. I had them about several times every 5 minutes regardless of my location (even near a park or on an almost deserted parking lot).

In my view, these activities are on the border of the criminal law. However, due to the exclusive training of secret agents from Australian National Security Service, there is no material evidence or artifacts left by organizers of these dirty tricks.