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Social Attitudes-Perception: Holocaust vs. Stalin’s Purges

- Last update on December 25, 2018
By Dr. Artour Rakhimov, Alternative Health Educator and Author

During the previous century, there were 2 large historical episodes when state forces killed millions of innocent civilians: Nazi’s Holocaust against Jews on occupied territories and Stalin’s repressions in the USSR. However, there are striking differences in attitude, perception, and outcomes in relation to these events.

Germany and allied forces transformed Nazi’s concentrations camps into dozens of national museums. Up to 1-2 decades ago, international authorities were searching Nazi war criminals in Latin America and other countries so that to persecute those who avoided Nuremberg and other tribunals. Thousands of movies and books have been produced about lives, suffering, and deaths of persecuted Jews on occupied territories. Thousands of events take place every year worldwide to commemorate the victory and remember lives lost.

What about modern Russia? There is no single state museum related to deaths of millions in Siberian Gulag labor camps. KGB Gulag leaders, the spiritual leaders of Siberian slaughter factories, have been getting their pensions from the Russian government all these decades. Keeping control of the Soviet and Russian state security forces in Siberia allowed them to adapt to modern times using a tactic of random killing and bullying those people and organizations who have tried to expose them. (This tactic, when modern Siberian KGB thugs dispatch assassins so that to kill anybody who associates with “unpleasant” to the people, organizations, or events, is described in a separate article.)

Survivors of Holocaust are viewed and honored as winners, whose struggle and suffering brought peace and more developed social order on Earth. New generations of young people are taught that their world of opportunities is possible due to suffering, deaths, and struggle of millions of Jews against Nazis.

Survivals of Stalinist’s repressions are viewed as losers who were unlucky to be in wrong time in the wrong place. Soviet victims did not bring any victory: they wasted their lives and times on useless suffering. Stalin has been recently voted by the Russian population as the third most popular man in the history of Russia.

German Nazis are considered silly people who were fooled by Hitler’s propaganda. They deserve our pity and regret. Existing Gulag leaders (they are now in their 70s and 80s) are still flourishing and, no matter what Russian officials say about “excessiveness” (!?) of past persecutions, the actions teach modern population more. (Gulag murderers still get their special pensions for their “civil” service from the Russian state.)

The current situation in Russia in relation to Stalinists’ repressions is full of very strong emotions, positions, arguments, fantasies, and myths among political parties, their leaders, state officials, etc. However, if we remove all superficial ideological bubbles, the essence of Soviet repressions and KGB logistic was very primitive. How to analyze them? It is very simple and easy. We should not focus here on fantasies, myths, ideologies, and other spiritual things, but on what practically matters, “What did they do to other people?”

KGB agents organized killings of millions of totally innocent other Soviet citizens including children and the aged. German Nazis were less silly since they were fooled into killing other nations, not their own. (Milgram experiment was a similar example of fooling by the authority into the killing of the innocent others under the pretense of studying “science and learning”).

The next question is: How can Russia and the world heal past wounds and prevent new crimes of those Siberian KGB-FSB (Federal Security Service of Russia) mass murderers who continue to harass and bully the world?

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Raje Nancy Lynn Harwood FB ProfileRaje Nancy Lynn Harwood · Commented on Social Attitudes-Perception: Holocaust vs. Stalin’s Purges
This is of huge concern and I await to hear addressing of the question you pose at the close of this article, re prevention of future crimes, mass murders and bullying.
Public · Oct 13, 2015 6:50pm · Comment was moderated.



Artour Rakhimov FB ProfileArtour Rakhimov · Commented on Social Attitudes-Perception: Holocaust vs. Stalin’s Purges
Thanks. It is surely a huge concern when 100s of civilians die every year because of KGB massacre-suicides and other crimes.
Public · Oct 18, 2015 9:36am · View Thread