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Communication and Internet Safety: Key Factors for Mafia Crimes

- Last update on December 25, 2018
By Dr. Artour Rakhimov, Alternative Health Educator and Author

RE: Safety of modern internet and all electronic communication

Have you seen this famous “https” at the beginning of many sites that you visit? Do you believe that your emails and phone messages cannot be intercepted by some scoundrels who already murdered thousands of people and organized many famous crimes in recent years?

It is an official lie and myth that is routinely spread by modern national security organizations (security intelligence or states’ secret agents) that there is a safety-related to internet communication, use of emails, cell phones, banking using credit cards, etc.

In 2015, it became certain to me that cell phone communication and emails were accessible for the KGB Mafia that already murdered thousands of people. In 2016, It became certain that the Mafia also controls online banking and even a use of credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, etc.) in order to organize new crimes.

All these “amazing” crimes of KGB Mafia indicate that the Mafia has full access to emails, phone conversations, text messages, and even online banking and use of credit cards by persons and businesses. How else could all these stunning crimes be organized:

Why 2016 Massacre of the Rhoden Family in Ohio Unsolved?

Who Killed 8 Holistic & Alternative Doctors in 2015 Florida?

This lie of online and internet safety was created in order to preserve the sweet public illusion of communication safety. Otherwise, if the public knows the truth, the feeling of users of emails, texting, Facebook, etc. would be hurt…. It is so painful, for modern secret agents, to get feelings of millions of people to get hurt.

There are actually two official lies from people are responsible and get paid for providing safety and security: one about the safety of communication in general and another lie that relates to the existence of the Mafia that uses all these online details to monitor targets and activities that are going on in the world. Then, after years of watching behind the shoulder of all personal emails, texts, bank transactions, etc., this Mafia can easily hit in the most vulnerable time and place, as it was done with murders of world’s leading microbiologists, Florida health practitioners, Rhoden family, and many more.

The “sweet” illusion of online safety (let the masses believe in goodness of this world and let agents hired to protect safety and security look nice and agreeable with general public) is compensated by extreme sadism that secret agents routinely express against targets of the Mafia and that resulted in deaths of Sasha Stalmtasky, Kandis Blakely, my mother, etc.

In psychology, this is called the “compensation mechanism” when unreasonably good, nice, or “sweet” emotions in relation to one thing/event or one person (or group of people) are transferred as extreme opposite emotions (or something totally ugly) in relation to some other events or people.

Hence, secret agents behave nicely, with politeness-courtesy and possibly even gallantry in relation to ordinary people, stooges that they enroll in their operations, politicians to ask money from, etc. And then these “too positive” emotions are reversed or inverted to their opposites in relation to other people (targets of the Mafia). Thus, personal qualities, habits, and lifestyle of Mafia targets become very annoying for secret agents even though the same qualities in stooges, politicians, etc. do not cause any emotional reaction from the same secret agents.

This explains why secret agents become emotionally attached to some Buteyko teachers, NDT practitioners, etc. and start to define the lives and activities of these targets using various methods and techniques.

Here are examples of activities of secret agents who use the label “national security” to express their emotions using stooges and electronic (high-tech) methods:

Stalmatski (or Stalmatsky) Alexander (Sasha)

Slowly Murdered by CSIS Secret Agents With Stress and Stooges (FBI-MI5 Methods)

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