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What people believe in when dealing with secret agents?

- Last update on December 25, 2018
By Dr. Artour Rakhimov, Alternative Health Educator and Author

When dealing with security intelligence secret agents from national security organizations, it is crucial to understand/realize/be aware of what these communities are driven by the spirit of fun and entertainment even though Hollywood bs movies provide exactly opposite images of secret agents (Men in Black, James Bond 007, etc).

Many secret agents call themselves “free artists”, “painters”, “graffiti artists”, etc. since, unlike any other state officials, the NSA agents are only people whose intent, usually the main intent, is to influence emotions and feelings of people and create illusions (fantasies) in their heads. Unlike cops who have duties and obligations to serve people, secret agents serve their own feelings. NSA agents are self-serving organizations. I witnessed this spirit during the last 22 years thousands of times in their practical actions.

For example, it is a lie to claim that there is one FBI throughout the USA, a one CSIS in Canada, or one MI5 in the UK (England), or one BND in Germany. Each local group of agents has a high degree of freedom in relation to what they can do to others. As a result, the same target person gets different treatment in different areas.

I have an account at Bank of America, and my balance with BOA is the same in each US state and abroad too. But if I travel in the USA, the treatment that I get is going to be different depending on the feelings of agents in NY, LA, SF, Miami, Seattle, etc..

This lifestyle is possible since security intelligence agents are completely protected from police, lawyers, courts, investigations, and anybody and anything else. Furthermore, the crucial part of their work is to protect the asses of their brothers (from other areas, states, cities or regions) when it comes to legal investigations and the like.

If one believes that there is someone specific who is responsible for decisions within FBI, CSIS, MI5, BND, etc. about who is terrorist and who is not, what to do with this or this person – this is an absolute bubble (myth). There is NO ONE responsible and one would never find anybody responsible for making decisions that affect life, health, work, relationships, etc. of their targets.

As about reactions of the average person or citizen when dealing with life NSA agents (in person), the interactions are the subject to the powerful-obedience-to-authority (animalistic) reflex (with immediate denial of human rights, freedoms, democracy, etc.) meaning that the human being, in these situational circumstances, gets instantaneously transformed into a brainless pest who does not understand what he or she is doing, as Stanley Milgram showed in his famous obedience to authority experiments.