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Terror Threat by Russian KGB Leninist Agent: Total Mind Control

- Last update on June 6, 2023
By Dr. Artour Rakhimov, Alternative Health Educator and Author

Mind control involves clandestine techniques that can deceive and make a person do things that he or she would not normally do. For example, the brainwashed can murder other people, even family members, and then immediately commit suicide.

GULAG (abbreviation in Russian, Glavnoe Upravlenie Ispravitel-no-trudovykh Lagerei or Chief Directorate of Prison Camps in the former USSR) – a system of labor camps run by Soviet KGB agents in the 1930′-60’s, the largest world’s laboratory for mind control experiments with over 10,000,000 “guinea pigs” sacrificed.

KGB (abbreviation in Russian, Komitet Gosudarstvennoy Bezopasnosti or Committee for State Security in the former USSR) – a secret service or state security intelligence agency of the Soviet Union. (Now it is called FSB or Federalnaya Sluzshba Bezopasnosti, but they are generally the same people in local areas.)

As you read the following, be aware that the author, Dr. Artour Rakhimov, in 1994, witnessed numerous crimes, deaths, and cases of brainwashing with total mind control in a cult organized by KGB-related people. This cult included his family member and many people whom he knew for years. Also, in 1994, he reported crimes and murders committed by KGB-related people to Russian and Western authorities, moved to Canada, and later became the target of these KGB agents (only a minor part of KGB).

Terror threat can have many faces. While most known forms of terrorism involve claiming responsibility for crimes, there is one group of terrorists that prefer to hide its presence. Moreover, this group uses seduction-based total mind control (brainwashing techniques) in order to use the brainwashed (zombies or robots) for their terror acts. Suicide-murders are among the most common types of terror threat used by the KGB Leninist. Since it takes only a few hours for the traveling KGB spy to make a new zombie using their seduction-based brainwashing techniques, terror threat level is very high since modern people have no knowledge about this terror threat and do not protect themselves and others.

Examples of terror threat by Russian KGB agents

Terror threat can come from anyone who can be seduced and brainwashed by KGB spies. However, KGB agents often use people with mental problems, since their suicide-murders will get “logical explanation”: they were angry and therefore killed their relatives and/or others and then themselves. As a result of brainwashing, and depending on the type of work the brainwashed person does, terror threat can be present in many areas since the brainwashed will execute any order from the programmer. The chart below shows some of the examples of terror threat, such massacre, arson, explosion, murder, air disaster, and germ warfare.

Mind control design

Reduce terror threat due to brainwashing

Reduction of this main terror threat requires public awareness about the method, tactic, and expectations of the KGB Leninist. The web pages below provide numerous specific examples how GULAG KGB spies organize crimes, what the changes in the brainwashed are, how one can protect themselves, and how to detect the brainwashed zombies, especially if they are relatives or close friends.