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How British MI5 Agents Made Me Illegal (Framing) Using Stooges from UK Border Force and Scottish Police

This video below “British MI5 Methods” explains secret interactions that took place between agents of notorious British state agency MI5 and UK Border Force (who are supposed to stamp passports of foreigners) and Scottish police.

Stooge (definition) = a person who is forced or paid by someone in authority to do an unpleasant or secret job for them (

Secret agents possess huge power that they learned well how to use. The method is very simple: they secretly visit all officials and claim that they, secret agents, are the most important people in the world and in this specific country (the United Kingdom or Great Britain, in this case).

Using this power, MI5 agents enrolled UK Immigration Officers (from Border Force) into an illegal trick by asking them not to stamp my Canadian passport when I entered the UK in 2009 after my flight from Germany with Ryanair (see my ticket itinerary from my email box inside the video). Then the same MI5 agents instructed or guided police officers from Scotland to check my Canadian passport, not for its validity, but for the presence of the entry visa (which was missing due to the same MI5 agents)…..

During last 15 years of traveling in Europe by buses, my passport was checked by police officers probably about 50 times, but it was only one more case when police officers studied if I (a person with a valid Canadian passport) had an entry stamp present. I may describe this other “incident” in another video.

One more key detail about this arrest, detention, and deportation. Nobody asked me or even gave me a chance to provide my RyanAir ticket itinerary that I still have in my email account:

Why would a person have a Ryanair ticket if he entered the UK illegally?
It was also easy for Immigration to check with the air company that I did fly using this ticket.

This resulted in my arrest, detention in 2 prisons for several days, and deportation from the UK with numerous problems to enter Ireland and the UK during the next 10 years.

Secret agents mastered how it works in each country since not only the UK, but all other agents (from the USA, Canada, Germany, France, Spain, Australia, etc.) learned the same clandestine tricks and techniques.