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State Intelligence Agency (Bulgaria) in Burgas-Sofia Use Noisy Junkies as Their Stooges/Patsies and Poisons/Toxins

After spending many months (in total) during last several years in Bulgaria, I discovered that there is a large disparity in behavior (actions) of secret agents from the State Intelligence Agency (Bulgaria), in Bulgarian: Държавна агенция “Разузнаване”, in Burgas and Sofia vs. other locations since I stayed in more than 15 different cities in Bulgaria (mainly near the Black Sea).

During my very first visit and stay in Burgas, I experienced an unbelievable flood of noisy motorcycles (Harley Davidson and similar ones) but only near the Marine Station Burgas (Морска гара Бургас), The Pier of Burgas
(Моста), its nearby park called The Sea Garden, (Морска градина), the Main Train Station and surrounding places, but not in other Burgas locations that are over 1-2 km away from this area. In my view, this is because this specific area of Burgas city is controlled by secret agents that experience strong emotions in relation to me due to “accidental” massacres, shootings, suicide-murders, plane crashes, and other seemingly unrelated crimes (see the Homepage of this site I had numerous car rentals and shopped in dozens of places in this city and the pattern of harassment/stalking by well-hidden (from me) Bulgarian secret agents was absolutely clear. They controlled hundreds of stooges/patsies/henchmen, often drivers of noisy machinery, including motorcycles and sporty cars with exceptionally noisy mufflers (exhaust pipes). The communication with these “assistants” (who certainly did not know against whom they are used) was certainly done with the use of cell phones.

There were similar activities of Bulgarian secret agents from many other cities in Bulgaria (Burgas and Varna provinces). However, the level of harassment in this part of Burgas city has always been very high, while in other places the activities of Bulgarian secret agents were less intense.

I visited and contacted several Police Departments in Burgas Province. Those Police Departments that were outside the city claimed that I need to go to Burgas, but when I visited the First Regional Police Station Burgas
(01 РПУ БУРГАС) located on ul. “Georgi Kirkov” 15, 8000 Burgas Center, Burgas in May 2022, the duty officer told me that I need to go away… My specific questions were:

  1. Do people from police investigate activates of Bulgarian secret agents from the the State Intelligence Agency?
  2. Who investigates wrong doings and corruption within the Bulgarian State Intelligence Agency?

On both these questions, I got “Go away” from the duty officer of the First Regional Police Station Burgas. I found this pattern common in many European countries and within the European Union.

Use of Poisons/Toxins by Burgas-Sofia by Secret agents of the State Intelligence Agency (Bulgaria)

On 18 May, 2022 I had an over-night trip from Burgas to Sofia and on the next morning, I took a bus from Sofia to Serbia to do COVID vaccination in Serbia for my traveling needs (Serbia is one of a few countries around the world where they do COVID vaccination to tourists).

I travelled with a suitcase and another bag with food and other traveling necessities. This suitcase was stored in the Bus Station South Terminal (Автогара Терминал Юг) where they have luggage storage. I did not need and did not opened this suitcase until I arrived to Nis, Serbia. When i unzipped this suitcase there, in about 2-5 seconds I got an intense headache and felt very dizzy and weak. I slowly moved to the bed and spend there, while feeling totally exhausted, about 20 minutes trying to understand what happened. It was then due to some toxic gas that was inside the suitcase while I travelled. Since I had this suitcase with me all the time since I left Burgas, this could be done only in Burgas.

After getting vaccination in Serbia, I travelled back to Bulgaria, and had my luggage stored in the Sofia central bus station. In this storage, I had a bottle of distilled water bought in a pharmacy (since even reverse osmosis waters are not suitable for me in Bulgaria with exception of Hisar Living Water that is not easy to find). When traveling from Sofia to Black Sea, I drank this water and get a strong adverse reaction affecting my digestion and later causing severe diarrhea. Again, somebody had access to my luggage stored in the storage room of in the Sofia central bus station.

Who have such  exclusive access? Even police would require some special papers and warrants to do this job. But secret agents from the State Intelligence Agency (Bulgaria) can do it easily without any authorization documents.

My understanding of the whole situation and interactions of secret agents from different areas is that these secret agents from south Burgas area feel well-protected and covered by their buddies from Sofia. This is a large and a separate topic since there is a general belief that secret agents are the same everywhere within one country. This is certainly not experience that I have had for more than 10 last years. I may cover this topic of huge disparity of secret agents who formally claim (to ordinary civilians and other people) that they represent the same state agency. This is a lie. Secret agents from different areas (in Bulgaria, Canada, the USA, nearly all European countries, Australia, India, etc.) usually represent their own fantasies about how they view national security of their country. I will explain this topic in detail late.


State Intelligence Agency (Bulgaria) in Burgas-Sofia Use Noisy Junkies as Their Stooges/Patsies and Poisons/Toxins