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How Secret Agents from CSIS (Canada) and FBI (USA) Stole My High-Tech Jobs in 1994 (Making Diamonds!)

- Last update on April 4, 2019

When in my late 20’s and in the early 1990s, I never thought or planned to work in health (teach the Buteyko breathing method, write books on breathing retraining, make videos ad web pages about health, psychology, human relationships, hierarchies, and perking orders). I was supposed to be in Physics and Materials Science, but powerful people from security agencies decided to interfere with the course of my life….

Short version – 3.5 min long: How CSIS and FBI agents stole my high tech jobs in 1994:

Long version – 34 minutes: FBI and CSIS agents – Job Theft:

In August-September of 1994, after immigration to Canada (I was in Toronto at the time), I suggested a high-tech project to over 20 large companies, corporations, scientific organizations, and Universities. The purpose of the project was to produce artificial (synthetic) diamonds from graphite using high pressures due to shock waves generated by explosive materials.

Why I knew that this job theft was organized by national security agents

In December 1994, I received one fax that said “National Security” at the automatic computer line at the top of the fax, but the content of the fax was from one scientific organization in the USA (Ohio). I realized that agents from CSIS (Canadian Security Intelligence Service) and FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigations in the USA) delayed this fax for 3 months…. stole My High-Tech Jobs in 1994 (Making Diamonds!)

Thus, the fax was delayed by 3 months by “National Security”, while all people who wanted to discuss this diamond project with me disappeared and did not reply to my letters and faxes. One such communication theft was with a place in California, the USA.

During following 25 years, I have had thousands of similar weird events related to the theft of jobs and relationships, health destruction, gang stalking, sleep deprivation, and much more from people whose lifestyle demands the avoidance of any responsibility for what they did in the past and do now.