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Games of NSA (National Security Agencies) with KGB

- Last update on December 25, 2018
By Dr. Artour Rakhimov, Alternative Health Educator and Author

When I claim and write about new crimes or massacres committed (organized) by KGB Leninist, people naturally wonder about the causes of these seemingly senseless crimes. For example, in 2016, there were several crimes related to my life.

After I visited one museum in Europe (I had quite a long break or years with no trips to museums), there was a shooting-massacre known as Bardo National Museum attack. On 18 March 2015, three terrorists entered this museum in Tunis and killed 22 people. For details, see the Wiki article here.

Later, I had flights between Spain/Portugal and Germany, there was a plane crash when Andreas Günter Lubitz, a German co-pilot for Germanwings Flight 9525. He crashed the plane into the French Alps on 24 March 2015 killing him along with 149 others.

Recently, I was supposed to attend some Bible discussions in Amsterdam, and the Mafia organized a bible discussion massacre, known as Charleston church shooting (June 17, 2015). How does it work and why would KGB Leninist do that?

Note that there were many other people before me, such as Buteyko, Sasha Stalmatsky, Kandis Blakely, and more. They all can be called “targets of the Mafia”.

In order to answer the quest about causes of Mafia crimes and how this game has been played, one needs to know that NSAs (national security organizations) would be very unhappy about any publicity about brainwashing crimes and the total mind control that is used to commit crimes.

KGB Gulag agents, using massacres and other crimes, want to make NSAs suppress certain movements, and this goal has been so far partially accomplished (for many years). Most or a lot of efforts of modern secret agents from Western and other countries are about the elimination of good publicity related to Buteyko, New Decision Therapy and some other movements. Such actions of secret agents are also totally hidden from the public, and they are done every day.

It is also about the EGO of secret agents. Why? If Mafia crimes become public, then Buteyko, NDT, and other movements and people become famous. Instead of this, secret agents play Gods to millions of mindless stooges that are enrolled by secret agents in thousands of senseless games. (Enrollment and use of millions of stooges by NSA agents into various hidden games is another social taboo topic.)

So, secret agents steal glory from Buteyko movements and others and glorify themselves. After any Mafia crime, they can boldly go to the public claiming that they are saving human lives and fighting terrorism (by transforming targets of the Mafia into vegetables).

Here are more details about the mechanism of the game in one of the cases. It is a typical example. Recently, after the 2015 GermanWing crash, German secret agents decided that I was somehow responsible or partially involved in this plane crash. I flew before using a similar route. So, because of that, the Mafia organized the crash. But I am involved as a factor or a partial cause of the crime.

So, the German agents see themselves as saviors for me and for the public. How could they save me? They think that they saved me from the rage of the public who would be unhappy with me (my appearance in a place leads to more deaths). But it was the same with Buteyko, Sasha Stalmatsky, Kandis Blakely, and others in the past.

Why did Kandis leave Santa Barbara in 2008-2009 where she has a great practice? There were many fires organized around this city in California. Many people died. What was the solution accepted by FBI agents? To kick her out. Hence, they organized tricks but also tried to save her from public rage or emotions of the mob (as FBI agents believed).

Secret agents also play the game of saviors when protecting public from new crimes: if these Mafia targets are reduced to vegetables, then there would be less terrorism, fewer victims of massacres and other crimes, and fewer Mafia crimes, as security intelligence agents assume.