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Secret Agents Argue: Negative Conditioning Examples

- Last update on December 25, 2018
By Dr. Artour Rakhimov, Alternative Health Educator and Author

National Security Operations: Part 3

Secret agent megaphoneWhat is the scope and duration of specific negative reinforcement examples? This question of negative reinforcement is very important for work of modern security intelligence operations since the goal of modern secret psychological or spiritual techniques is to make any person (a target) do something that exists in ahead of a specific secret agent. Ideally, the target should do or not do certain things without even a suspicion that he was influenced by secret agents.

If one asks highly intelligent Dutch agents, some of them believe that negative conditioning exists. For example, if some Arab male wakes up a target 3 times at night during his sleep, then this negative reinforcement will take place against all Arabs and is going to last for some weeks or months. (Bear in mind that Dutch secret agents imply that this Arab was asked by the agents to play a game and pretend that he was “accidentally” waking up the target 3 times in a row during one night.) The purpose of the agents, in this example of secret reinforcement, is to create a negative reaction of the target towards Arabs because they often harbor terrorism.

However, as other secret agents argue (e.g., from FBI, renovated CSIS, Irish Secret Garda, and CIA), negative reinforcement does not last or maybe even does not exist. Here is an example of negative reinforcement they suggest. Imagine a target who was drugged by some secret agents (e.g., from the past or fallen CSIS – Canadian Security Intelligence Service) for years. These fallen CSIS agents secretly created debilitating migraines in the target by secretly using toxic gases. (Note that there are certain international conventions against uses of numerous super-poisons in military operations or during wars, but everything is possible within the world of modern secret agents.) Hence, after getting a portion of the poison, the target was like a vegetable or was reduced to a vegetable state, due to a migraine, for the rest of the day. In order to make the effect of drugs stronger, the agents typically provided the target with other secret weapons of influence, such as a parade of deviants outdoors (Harley Riders, sporty cars with noisy mufflers, people in wheelchairs, invalids, garbage trucks, ambulances and fire trucks with sirens, and so forth) and snaps generated indoors (as if these clicking noises of various intensity was naturally produced by chairs, tables, walls, and various home devices and appliances). Now imagine that these daily headaches and accompanying factors are reinforced for many years.

Would this conditioning last for some weeks or months? According to many CIA and FBI agents, the target would not be conditioned against indoor snaps and noises, and outdoor Harley Riders, people in wheelchairs, invalids, sporty cars with noisy mufflers, garbage trucks, ambulances and fire trucks with sirens.

Secret agents disagreementHowever, other secret agents, groups, and teams of security intelligence employees, as well as whole NSAs (national security agencies) often have different opinions about the existence and scope of negative reinforcement. Hence, there is a worldwide argument among leading security intelligence social workers related to this hot topic.

Furthermore, sometimes the same secret agent may have nearly the opposite opinions on the scope and duration of negative reinforcement during different parts of the day even without noticing it. For example, an agent may agree that this conditioning against Arabs was sensible and could do the same himself (as a sign of international solidarity with the Dutch agents). However, during another part of the day, the same secret agent may provide the target (who had years of migraines with snaps and parades of deviants) with exactly the same abnormal factors (deviants and snaps) fantasizing the negative conditioning does not exist and these abnormal factors are going to play a positive role in the life of the target. Hence, this heated debate about negative conditioning takes place even in the head of a typical secret agent.

Does negative reinforcement exist or not? It is indeed important for security intelligence leaders to make their minds. Furthermore, it is crucial for secret agents themselves, instead of pet type self-confidence drilling and self-esteem pumping, to open their eyes on oxymoronic activities they have been doing for years. This is another social topic, which may attract attention of researchers, scientists, journalists (including scuba diving journalists), sociologists, social workers, and real state men (not useless bubble-makers) in order to help secret agents to have clear minds and consistent actions for their better future and safer future of other people.

Does negative conditioning exist?

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