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Compensation and conspiracy for Airbus A320 crash: Germanwings vs. secret agents

- Last update on December 25, 2018
By Dr. Artour Rakhimov, Alternative Health Educator and Author

In 1994, I informed officials of over 40 largest countries about the existence of brainwashing providing examples of the potential application of this technique. Since then the issue was hidden by NSA (national security organizations) or security intelligence under a rock (or bushel) because secret agents around the world decided that it was not their job/responsibility to protect public from brainwashing crimes. In fact, many agents believe that I have been partially involved in new crimes that occurred since 1994. These beliefs are hidden as a part of the worldwide conspiracy (i.e., only secret agents know that and they decide such issues without asking or consulting with anybody else outside their world).

When plane crashes occur, relatives of victims and their lawyers start to sue airline companies for emotional damages. Here are some details related to Airbus A320 crash on March 24, 2015, when Andreas Lubitz plowed the plane into the French Alps.

Families of the 150 Germanwings passengers were initially offered £17,700 for the pain and suffering – see for details.

Later news suggested that “relatives may receive from about $100,000) up to millions per victim in compensation”. These details came from lawyers representing these families. See

It is interesting why airlines should pay to families for tragic events that are under the control of NSAs (national security organizations)? Airlines are not provided with methods and techniques to prevent brainwashing or appearance of zombies (even among pilots) who are under the total mind control of some other people.

But if secret agents believe that I am involved or even partially responsible for such crimes, maybe these German secret agents from the Federal Intelligence Service (German: Bundesnachrichtendienst or BND) can explain to Germanwings (now EuroWings) or Lufthansa leaders who is responsible for such crimes. This can help the airlines to better see and understand the reality.

Then Dutch secret agents from the General Intelligence and Security Service (Dutch: Algemene Inlichtingen- en Veiligheidsdienst or AIVD) may visit KLM Airline and explain to their leaders about who would be responsible if such crimes take place with brainwashed KLM pilots in future.

Similarly, FBI agents can try to persuade leaders of Delta Air Lines, United Airlines, Southwest Airlines, American Airlines, etc. about the possible causes in case of new air crashes.

Then agents from Secret Garda may visit RyanAir and provide their version of who is responsible for future brainwashing of pilots, technicians, and other personnel.

I will be happy to handle all these claims and deal with all lawyers. But before that, I want to see faces of leaders of these airlines when these explanations of national security agents are provided.

In 1994, I informed officials of the largest world’s states about the existence of brainwashing, and those who have the power to decide such issues (to make it a conspiracy or not, to declare someone guilty or not) still believe that it is not their job (and responsibility) to serve and protect people from brainwashing (with complete mind control).

It also follows from the logic of secret agent that, if I am partially responsible or involved in these brainwashing crimes, then secret agents are not responsible for the protection of the public from all these past and new crimes.

Currently, the power of agents are widely used for fun (entertainment) with millions (!) of stooges in the name of “national security” (clowns who drive noisy Harleys, sporty cars with heavy rock, police cars and ambulances with sirens, and much more), as I described here on many pages.

Going back to the question of responsibility. If Germanwings took the issue (that was beyond their control) very seriously by paying to relatives of victims, how would you think CSIS (Canadian Security Intelligence Service) agents handle the death of my mother which took place in May 2016 due to activities of CSIS agents against her? CSIS leaders decided that it was one unholy agent in North York who was to be punished. The rest of the CSIS agents remain “holy”.

This psychological “game of holiness” of secret agents has a long history. One of the episodes of this psycho game took place between CSIS and FBI agents after 9/11. This episode was about who was to be held responsible for 4 planes crashing buildings? The brains of all agents worldwide quickly calculated that covering up provides a great future ground for having more entertainment while using public money. Therefore, there was nearly 100% agreement among NSAs about what to do with CSIS agents and if the Canadian government was liable to pay damages to victims of 9/11 and their relatives.

As about other victims of the CSIS and which high-tech methods they used, find out details of murder-conspiracy of my mother here – Slowly Murdered by CSIS Secret Agents With Stress and Stooges (FBI-MI5 Methods). These were not only techniques and methods, these were also the same spirit and vision of the situation that CSIS agents “borrowed” from their buddies from FBI, MI5, etc.