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How Western Secret Agents (Security Intelligence) Derail Health Therapies: Exactly as Pedophiles Do

- Last update on December 25, 2018
By Dr. Artour Rakhimov, Alternative Health Educator and Author

After of 20+ years of astonishing events in my personal life, there is one parallel that provides a clear picture about the mindset and context with which national security agents of Western intelligence agencies work with ordinary people (not terrorists). We are talking here about these organizations:
– Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in the USA
– British Security Service or MI5 in the UK
– Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND): Federal Intelligence Service in Germany
– Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) in Canada
– DGSI (Direction générale de la sécurité intérieure) – General Directorate for Internal Security in France
– Agenzia Informazioni e Sicurezza Interna (AISI) – Agency for Internal Information and Security in Italy
– Algemene Inlichtingen- en Veiligheidsdienst (AIVD) (General Intelligence and Security Service of the Netherlands)
– Sigurnosno-obavještajna agencija (SOA) (Security and Intelligence Agency) in Croatia
– Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO)
– Intelligence-Security Agency of Bosnia and Herzegovina (OSA)
and so forth.

In 1998, because of loud snaps (artificially generated) in the room where I lived in Toronto, I moved several times in the city (by changing my housing) and even tried to settle in Winnipeg and Edmonton (Manitoba and Alberta respectively). But noises and sirens/alarms with other methods followed me everywhere for 20 years. The noise method is very mighty since it can easily kill a person (by prevention of deep stages of sleep). When secret agents generate noises, they get into your head by watching how the targeted individual reacts to noises.

The style of work of these NSAs (national security organizations) with, for example, Buteyko breathing practitioners and students, NDT (New Decision Therapy) people, and their associates are about the same as when pedophiles deal with their young victims.

Here are the reasons. Both secret agents and pedophiles require from their victims to have a “little” dark secret about the nature of their relationships. In order to maintain this state of secrecy, modern NSA secret agents have nearly total control of national public media, police, law system, government, etc. I complained dozens of times to all types of organizations and authorities, but have you ever heard about a single serious case when someone restricted or persecuted some national NSA? All these media and official people (who were supposed to maintain law, human rights, freedoms, order, accountability of state officials, etc.) are to maintain the “holy” image of secret agents. Pedophiles also have a much more influential voice in order to convince others around the child (parents, relatives, doctors, etc.) that he (the pedophile) knows the situation much better than a 3-7 yo child.

Both secret agents and pedophiles have a strong belief that they know what is in the best interests of the targeted individual or child. for example, pedophiles are commonly convinced that sex is something that all children crave and many years later, these children will be thankful to them for all the lessons that they provided. Secret agents also believe that they are aware of some “higher” truth (see pages about weird massacres, crimes, etc. done in order to incite agents into these pedophile-type activities).

Both, targeted individuals of security intelligence agencies and children, feel equally powerless against actions of both predators (pedophiles and secret agents). As it was with witches during medieval witch hunting, both types of victims would commonly believe that it is something that is wrong with them, but not with perpetrators.

Both NSA secret agents and pedophiles rely on intimidation (creation of fear) and confusion when dealing with their targets.

In most types of situations, it is required from victims (abused children and targeted individuals) to love their perpetrators for anything that they do. If pedophiles or secret agents are not loved, they commonly get unhappy and use special techniques to “create” such love.

Now assume that all pedophiles get united into “Pedophiles United” and secretly share their methods with each other. Another news here that can be shocking for many is that each team of local secret pedophiles has freedom when they decide which relationships, spouses, friends, work, projects, etc. this or this targeted individual (such as Buteyko and NDT practitioners and promoters) are “allowed” to have (by all-knowing local pedophiles). I found this security intelligence innovation amazing. It is as if my bank accounts for Bank of America or Bank of Montreal (I have both of those), show not just different but a totally different balance (in some places opposite!) in different cities. For example, some agents can be sent to a targeted individual very promiscuous females (they make “great” partners), but other agents can send to the same targeted individual decent females with a condition of, for example, further sleep deprivation, or health destruction, or some other requirement since, like pedophiles, agents know the best what this or this person deserves.

I know all these “local” details since I spent months/weeks during the last 20 years in numerous Western countries around the world. The tricky part here is that secret agents are trained and provided with tools of extreme camouflage. In most cases, those agents who presented themselves as brothers inflicted more damage with thousands of techniques they applied.

In my personal case, for last 20 years, nearly each security intelligence pedophile have usually expressed his presence to me many hundred times per day (common methods include carefully watching what the targeted individual does and then generate snaps in the room, initiate alarms, sirens, send noisy car junkies as stooges to follow a targeted individual outdoors, etc.). This means that secret agents employ police cars, ambulances, fire department trucks, riders on Harleys and noisy sporty cars and other similar human refuse. (One should reasonably assume that this human garbage around the world is legal because secret agents do not want to make them illegal). Modern technology and availability of millions of stooges allow NSA pedophiles to “get” the targeted individual everywhere and be “present” with the targeted individual nearly 24/7. How would it feel if you imagine that you live with a pedophile who follows you everywhere for over 20 years?

You can read more on pages of this site about already-dead victims of this system, including my mother, Kandis Blakely, and Sasha Stalmatsky. Many others are still alive.

So, next time when you see or hear some news, deal with people from your government, public media, police, lawyers, Buteyko or NDT people, keep in mind this invisible system of pedophilia created by modern security intelligence organizations around the world.