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Communication Security Myth and How Hundreds of People Paid for It With Their Lives

- Last update on December 25, 2018
By Dr. Artour Rakhimov, Alternative Health Educator and Author

Do you believe that your email messages are securely delivered only to the persons to whom they were sent? Do you also believe that your phone conversations and texts do not get to any organized criminal group? Do you think that using credit cards is safe and all these details related to timing and locations of your use of Visa, MasterCard, etc. are private?

internet online security myth by secret agents from national securities

Indeed, on the surface, the letter “s” in the word “https” means “security”…. Hence, to analyze this topic we have to investigate events, people who are responsible for security, and which safety-security ideas these people promote.


In reality, all these very popular safety ideas (see the questions above) are myths since the truth is in the opposite worst-case scenario: all your communication and private information are available not to your neighbor (to laugh about you or to steal your Facebook password), but to the special secret Mafia (originated from Soviet KGB secret agents themselves) who uses their access to communication and private information to organize murders and other crimes.

On this page, using minimum detective skills, I am going to show that all these mysterious high-tech crimes (where assassins had exact guidance when, how and whom to hit) related to murders of Florida health practitioners, 40+ microbiologists in 2001-2005, the Rhoden family massacre in 2016, and many other crimes and massacres described on pages of were possible and occurred (and many more will happen in future) because of a lack of safety related to internet safety, safety of email communication, safety of phone communication, and safety of online banking together with safety myths created by authorities that have this no-safety information: modern security intelligence secret agents.

Deaths of 40+ microbiologists

Up to 40 microbiologists mysteriously died from November 2001 up to January 2005:

Soon after these murders, you may remember that the world was repeatedly and consistently worldwide challenged by Anthrax, swine flu, Avian flu, and several other weapons of biological warfare. You may also notice that during the last years (it is now January 2017), the world became quiet. No more pandemics….

Let us go back to these deaths of scientists who protected public safety with inventions or creation of new vaccines. Probably after first 10 deaths in November 2001-March 2002 or in several months, it was known and clear among microbiologists worldwide that somebody organized a hunt.

Why then was it not possible to prevent over 15 new deaths of microbiologists in 2003-2005?

Imagine that you are a microbiologist who knows about this worldwide hunt. What would you do to protect yourself? You may stop going for regular walks at night and even buy an advanced home security system. You will surely pay for this security system using your credit card…. This means that the Mafia (who is to kill you) will know about all details of this purchase.

What will this Mafia do next? The Mafia will get into communication databases of this security company that sold you this “advanced home security system”. Then the Mafia will find out all passports and codes related to electronic control of your “advanced home security system”. Hence, instead of being your protector, this “advanced home security system” will be your enemy that would be controlled by the Mafia – This is how “good” modern security, security intelligence services (that is at the very top), and public perception of communication safety are.

Hence, the Mafia could get all information about all your actions in relation to your “most advanced home security system”: they could also dis-activate or activate it at any time due to their electronic control.

This was also likely the cause why no information has been found after the famous still-unsolved (and will likely never-be-solved) 2016 massacre of the Rhoden family in Ohio. Eight people were killed in the middle of the Western world, and nothing is known up to the present day…

Note that it is not a lack of protection, or a lack of safety, or some holes in communication, but also your complete (naive) confidence or belief in these safety myths that will kill you in this hypothetical case “if you are a hunted microbiologist”.

All your banking transactions, phone messages, emails, etc. (anything that you do electronically or done electronically in relation to your accounts) will be used in order to send assassins to kill you in the right time, in the right place and with right tools.

Hence, this stunning murder-efficiency of the Mafia can only be explained by:

  1. their total access to all these data and details
  2. public unawareness that communication safety (including the use of credit cards) is a myth.

Some details of Florida murders

Among 8 holistic health practitioners murdered during June-July 2015 in Florida, Theresa Sievers MD was murdered in her home. They say, she was a “mother Theresa of South Florida”. As this article from (click the previous link) claims, at the time of her murder, her husband and children were at a family reunion in another state. Was it a right time to send an assassin?

Again, we need to conclude that these details about whereabouts of her family members were surely known to the Mafia. How? By having access to their communication.

How effective health therapies are suppressed

The same idea of the absolute vulnerability of communication due to Mafia’s access to private data explains decades of systematic murders of relatives of clients and/or associates related to the Buteyko breathing technique, New Decision Therapy, and possibly some other methods.

In relation to the Buteyko method, there is a page on NormalBreathing site about KGB persecutions of Soviet Buteyko doctors in the 1970s and later.

In relation to leaders and creators of the three most popular and known Soviet-Russian breathing techniques, the Mafia used similar high-tech murders: Why Buteyko, Frolov, Strelnikova died.

We also discussed some logistics related to other events here:

Note that the Mafia has a good perception about who is who in the world and within any specific movement. For example, if you teach the Buteyko method and your best students improve from 15 s only to about 25 s for their morning CP (control pause) or body oxygen test, then the Mafia would not bother with you. They would likely bother, when possible if you can teach the real Buteyko method meaning that you know the tools and have students that got 60+ s MCP. Thus, the Mafia knows the business and health much better than most Buteyko practitioners do.

Mentality and lifestyle of modern national security secret agents

In all these cases and situations, for decades, secret agents from NSAs (such as FBI, CSIS, MI5, BND or Federal Intelligence Service in Germany, etc.) were collecting all this information related to mystery murders or targeted assassinations of other people while thinking about prevention of new crimes,

Thus, national and local secret agents were and are to secretly decide who was or is responsible for what and what to do in the future. In conditions when nobody is watching them, it was and is up to secret agents themselves to secretly decide if they want to be responsible for the internet-communication safety or not.

What do you think they did and do? If you have a really bright brain and know about such psychological phenomenon as “the power of the situation”, then you know the answer.

Thus, national security agencies or secret agents, instead of telling a simple truth, still promote public lies (myths) related to internet safety, the safety of email communication, the safety of phone communication, the safety of credit card use, and safety of online banking.

This Mafia, who are the worst and most powerful criminals of last decades (secret agents from another country, not Muslims or Islamic fundamentalists) have had complete access to all these details, and this public lie about “safety” explains why the Mafia murderers have been so successful for decades in their subversive activities in relation to certain people and whole health movements.

Geographical differences

Certain countries recently became slightly safer meaning that their internal communication is probably not accessible to the Mafia. For example, New Zealand and Australia, due to their remote locations and own networks, possibly have real  safety related to their local (especially landline and national) phone calls and maybe even local email safety (maybe for some providers) if servers are located within those countries.

Similar real protection likely exists in continental England and Ireland.

After Brevik’s 2011 massacre in Norway (you may remember this masquerade in which the stooge-kamikaze-clown was asked to dress up as a cop), this and other Scandinavian countries made some steps in making themselves safer.

My impression is that the Mafia has a lot of power (to send new assassins) in the USA, but quite limited in continental Europe.

Sorry, I cannot provide more information and details about other geographical locations since it is not my job. Besides, I am also not in power to guarantee that my observations about your communication safety and safety of different countries and geo locations are 100% correct.

What then are secret agents responsible for?

During last 20 years, I applied for political asylum in 7 different EU countries (13 times) and learn well that the most important single quality of modern security intelligence in any country I visited (over 15 in total) is to create a nice trust-building self-image in stooges, other state officials, and the general public. These days, NSA agents use and have aspirations in computer programs and devices that help secret agents to analyze and read emotions and thoughts of other people in nearly any room or place – this is a very exciting area in their vision of future public safety and security. Another exciting area of modern secret agents is to create databases related to other myths that agents deliberately create in different people. For example, Presidents and Prime Ministers get one version of reality and what secret agents do, while police people get different images in their minds. HIring prostitutes, pimps, Harley bikers (for harassment of targets) and other lower-class people as stooges requires new myths that secret agents successfully generate when dealing with this public. Thus, there are many layers that probably take up to 90% or more of mental efforts (attention), time, and actions of modern secret agents.

So, modern secret agents are primarily responsible for looking nice and very important in public eyes, and you can continue to pay taxes and financially support these communities without asking what they really doing and what they are responsible for.

Secret agents are also responsible for controlling modern public media and hiring stooges such as junkies on Harley Davidson motorcycles, sporty car stooges, etc. in order to harass people who bring real health to mankind. There are many pages on this site about that.

Apart from not being responsible for informing the public about communication safety, secret agents are also not responsible for their use of drugs (e..g, heavy metals), viruses, sleep deprivation, etc. against civilians or people who were/are targeted by the third party (the Mafia).