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Why to Murder Holistic & Alternative Doctors in 2015 Florida?

- Last update on June 6, 2023
By Dr. Artour Rakhimov, Alternative Health Educator and Author

The previous post on this topic explained Who Killed 8 Holistic & Alternative Doctors in 2015 Florida.

These crimes are still not solved. Note that Illuminati, Moroniti and many other special groups of people do not control communication in the USA, but Homeland Security and FBI agents do. So, let us get serious about serious things.

Once we accepted a sensible idea that assassinations of 8 Holistic & Alternative Doctors in Florida in June-July 2015 were done by highly skilled professionals (not only professionals in executions but also professionals in logistics and communication who know all details of modern surveillance and how police and secret agents work), we need to explore which group of secret agents (from which country) could be unhappy about better physical and emotional health and more peace on the Earth? These are those secret agents who killed millions in the past and were never persecuted by law. There are many pages on this site about this topic related to activities of other surviving offsprings of KGB agents.

Why did they select Holistic & Alternative Doctors in Florida?

Modern agents from national security organizations (such as FBI, CSIS, MI5, etc.) live in a very specific world where conditioning of other people (manipulation of their imagination and minds) is considered as one of the most valuable skills. The KGB Leninist wants to occupy the top position in this hierarchy, and their use of murders (of civilians) is one of common tools to control other agents. (Other groups of secret agents did not carry such huge experience in execution of civilians, but for the KGB Leninist to kill an accidental bystander is about the same as to kill an annoying mosquito for an average person.)

Different groups and teams of FBI agents, in different cities and states, have different perception and views on health practitioners and health therapies and movements. For example, FBI agents from Santa Barbara (and probably from the rest of California) decided to drive the creator of the New Decision Therapy Kandis Blakely out of California so that she could not practice her method there. (Later she was driven out from many other countries and places using stooges and special methods employed by secret agents worldwide: see Why Kandis Blakely, NDT creator, died.)

This means that, in the world of NSAs (national security agencies) and teams of secret agents, FBI California agents demonstrated to the Mafia, that they are “good boys”. But FBI agents from Florida could be protective in relation to alternative health movements and people. This means that by killing these 8 doctors, the KGB Leninist tried to convert “bag boys” from Floridian FBI into “good boys”.

Murders as elements of the inner game

My explanation is that many of these mysterious murders, massacres, suicides, and other crimes are elements of the inner war in order to design certain future and create a certain hierarchy (with corresponding mindsets) among groups of secret agents.

Assassinations of Holistic & Alternative Doctors in Florida were designed to condition local FBI agents from Florida and possibly to reduce the growing popularity of some holistic or alternative health movements in Florida. Among therapies targeted by the GULAG, KGB Mafia has been the Buteyko breathing method and New Decision Therapy.

These 2015 killings can relate to any of the previous (if there were advancements in these areas) or to new emerging health techniques (in order to suppress them) such as ketogenic diet that has leaders and movements working in Florida, particularly in the University of Florida, the University of South Florida and the Florida Institute for Human and Machine Cognition that organized a Lecture Series related to LCHF (low carb high fat) diets while inviting and promoting leading speakers in this area.