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How Secret Agents Make Others Feel Guilty

- Last update on June 6, 2023
By Dr. Artour Rakhimov, Alternative Health Educator and Author

Crowds of people (stooges) on cemeteries – exciting guilt games of secret agents

If one follows my posts, there were many crimes described here and that related to events from the personal lives of certain people (called “targets of the Mafia”). This snoopy KGB Leninist (formerly known as GULAG KGB Mafia aka KGB Mafia or GULAG Mafia) organizes crimes using brainwashing of ordinary civilians and then, these ordinary civilians are ordered to kill others, execute a massacre, crash a plane, etc. For example, if a target goes to a museum, there is a Museum Massacre. If targets hire assistants to work with him, there are murders related to this situation. Whatever targets may do, the Mafia tries to organize a crime or even several crimes related to this activity of the target.

Other examples of such crimes are Orlando nightclub massacre, GermanWings plane crash, and possible 100s more since, it seems that the Mafia can easily brainwash 100s of more people (especially in the USA), and order them to do anything. In addition, there are so-called “execution crimes” which are still not solved by (ineffective or nearly useless) FBI. (But nobody bothers that there are executions in the USA, up to 8 people at once, as the Rhodes family massacre, and nobody bothers to ask FBI about what he or she are doing and paid for).

grave people to play guilt games by secret agentsYesterday, I traveled on a bus for about 5 hours across one European country through numerous medium and small villages that had cemeteries next to them. There was one unusual feature of this bus trip that I could easily spot from the bus: nearly every cemetery had either several or many people staying near graveyards…. In total, I saw people probably on about 10 different cemeteries. Usually, there might be only one cemetery with people at such time (noon-5 pm on usual Tuesday workday) and for such a trip, since I had many similar trips before. Who organized these people and what was the purpose of the show?

It reminded me my bus trips in Germany in summer 2015, weeks after the Germanwings plane crash, nearly every bridge above the German highways had people standing there while the bus I was in was passing behind these bridges…. I was probably supposed to feel guilty or partially responsible for the event there too ….

Note that it is a popular game among 1000s of hidden artists to make people feel guilty for something that they did not do. So, this Germanwing crash is just one example. Events in 2016 are from the same guilt-producing story. There were 100s of other examples of this game (make him feel guilty) that I experienced during the ast 20 years. Once, in San Francisco, over 5 years ago, I shaved in the morning and knocked the ceramic wall of the sink with my plastic razor blade while water was running in this sink to flash out the foam – this is the usual “knock-knock” activity that is heard when men shave. Next morning, I came to the same sink and found that the exact places I was knocking had deep dents and grooves…. I was supposed to feel guilty for destroying the sink.

During this bus trip and seeing people on cemeteries was supposed me to feel guilty for past crimes (someone probably already died or killed) or to make me guilty in advance for future crimes (a psychic game of prediction of future).

Note that the hidden clown does not want to take the business outside (to a court, for example, or police, or the UN, or to airline companies, bus companies, military, etc.)…..

The artists also do not want to play psychics trying to predict new crimes and explain who is going to be responsible for future crashes, massacres, explosions, disasters, etc. to people who can suffer or will be held liable (as Germanwings company is now paying damages to relatives). In such cases, instead of being prophets and psychics, the hidden artists hide their tails between their legs…. He does it the way a slimy female would do in order to manipulate her husband, children, friends, etc.

The local agents surely go around in the same of “national security” and “public safety” (because of these crimes) to organize these stooges on cemeteries and other places. But the same agents do not want to be held responsible for the protection of public safety from exactly the same crimes. Thus, it is a matter of convenience when they want to use the “national security” bubble and when not in relation to brainwashing crimes. The agents probably feel mighty and powerful when they dispatch these stooges like pawns and pieces on a chessboard. But doing the real job of protection is not something that has been valued among fun-seeking clowns.

So, let us make the problem for Buteyko, Kandis, Stalmatsky, Tadhg, Travis, Aaron, my mother, etc… By the way, agents probably believe that when any of these persons is gone, the Mafia and its crimes will disappear – the problem will be solved, the Mafia will be happy. This is exactly what 20+ years of history “indicates”. As I see that in each case when one person disappears (KP Buteyko, Kandis, Sasha Stalmatsky, my mother, etc.), there are always new people that “annoy” the Mafia and modern security intelligence community. So, the secret agents have this hidden wish that they do not tell to anybody and that shines in actions of secret agents. The secret wish is to make all these targets of the Mafia and traces of these targets to disappear from the Earth. Then there would be no crimes, as modern secret agents (FBI, MI5, CSIS, etc. are included) believe.

This also indicates amazing international or globe-wide thinking of the hidden artists – so, he whines, complains to his brothers from other countries and … blames others for these crimes…. He does not want to say to people, who hired him, that HE IS UNABLE to do the job he is hired and paid for… Hence, let us make a problem for somebody else…. Let them pay the price…