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High Tech Crimes or Techno Crimes of German BND Spies: Deleting PC Work (Remotely)

- Last update on August 21, 2019

During the last 20 years, and in recent months as well (I am now in Hamburg, Germany), I found that it has been very common for the results of my writing work to disappear. This means that I start some project (an article, or an edit of some existing web page, etc.), save the files for future, and then some days or weeks later all my work is erased by somebody who entered my MacBook, deleted results of my work by restoring some outdated version of the same files. In my view, this techno-crime was done recently by the Federal Intelligence Service of Germany, also known as BND or Bundesnachrichtendienst (in German).

I discovered one of such events (disappeared file or deleted work) earlier today. So, I decided to describe such events that can be labeled as high tech crimes since somebody from above (in this case from BND leadership) surely granted access to these high tech devices for local BND secret agents. Since Hamburg is a kind of a state, it is likely that local agents in the area where I stay now (Rissen) are managed by BND leadership (if it exists) from Hamburg’s BND branch.

In this specific example, I spent about 1-2 hours on each of 3-4 consecutive days while updating one very long web page from in May 2019. Then I took a break of about 2-3 weeks. Today I returned to the page and … there are no traces of what I did 2-3 weeks ago. There was only one version of this file on my computer (I double-checked this)… The title of the page that I edited was “Dr. Artour’s Contributions/Innovations to Breathing Retraining and Buteyko Method“. I realized that this page needs some corrections and changes so that it reflects IP (Intellectual Property), possible patents, copyrights, and trade secrets related to things that I invented during last 18 years while teaching breathing retraining and the Buteyko method to students. Thus, for some reasons, this specific page became particularly annoying to local BND criminals from Hamburg. Note that, if I try to complain about the whole BND agency, high ranking criminals from Berlin or Bonn will swear that they had nothing to do with this specific falsification or dirty trick (but they will continue to feed criminals from BND Hamburg from their generous federal pie).

Of course, this highly intelligent work can only be done by BND agents who have technical power to control electronic devices, the power to control police and lawyers (so that no one can catch them and prove their guilt), as well as a spirit of fun/entertainment.

It may take me hours or days of work to create something, and literally seconds for some security intelligence agent to eliminate results of my work.

There is a ridiculous belief around the world that there is a kind of worldwide “security intelligence community”. In my experience, there are local clowns who have total freedom in what they do and are highly skillful in avoiding any responsibility and teaching dupes (or stooges/patsies) the same skill (the claim that they are not accountable for their actions or lie about the purposes of what they did). This relates not only to secret state-paid agents from FBI, MI5, CSIS, etc. but also to secret BND criminals.

These activities of secret agents take place only in relation to targeted individuals or targets, and it seems that the management of spy agencies do have their voice in deciding who is a targeted individual and who is not.