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National Security Agents Above Presidents and Anybody Else

- Last update on December 25, 2018
By Dr. Artour Rakhimov, Alternative Health Educator and Author

While this site is devoted to breathing and breathing techniques, for many decades, the history of breathing methods in the USSR, Russia and nearly all other countries was essentially influenced by security intelligence agents (secret agents) from KGB and later other organizations. Therefore, in order to understand the effects of national security organizations on these alternative health therapies, one needs to know about the role and position of secret agents in the modern world.

Spying and secret operations against other states and groups existed long before the written history of humanity. However, during the whole previous history (up to 20th century), all activities of secret agents were under control and for the sake of ruling people who hired secret agents and spies for their work. Therefore, spies were under full control of Pharaohs, Sultans, Shahs, Tsars, Kings, Queens, Prime Ministers, Presidents and other leaders who provided money, support, human resources, special right and anything else that was necessary to do the job. These leaders also directed spying and clandestine operations.

The spies did not decide who was dangerous for the state or who should be punished. Therefore, spies and their organizations did not impose any value on other people, activities, movements, groups, and organizations. Although spies were sometimes involved in murders of others, these actions could take place due to orders from the ruling people. Otherwise, they could be punished by their main supervisors (Presidents, etc.).

The first major step outside of this framework or norm was made by the Soviet Communist state and their famous secret agencies (NKVD, Cheka, and later Soviet KGB). During Stalin’s times, it was decided, that the national security agents could investigate, try in private courts (these courts required only a group of 3 agents), and execute ordinary people. Due to mass actions of these persecutions, it became a norm that these actions of spies could take place without control from the ruling powers. The scale of this change was small during Lenin’s times, but the actions of spies became much more common when Stalin seized the power. The Soviet spies were transformed into people who were to provide or impose value (judgment) on and decide destinies of millions of people without awareness of the ruling people and the rest of the society.

Note that nearly all groups of people and organizations of a typical state function without imposing their judgment on others. For example, police organizations, doctors, lawyers, and various other service-providers generally apply same or similar efforts to do their work regardless of race, gender, nationality and many other factors of service-seekers. Soviet secret agents became the first ones who started to divide the society on two opposite extremes (enemies and friends) and punish the enemies behind the back of top state leaders, but with their moral and spiritual support in relation to persecutions. In exceptional cases, top leaders could stop or prevent with persecutions and execution of certain people, but these were rare cases.

After the introduction of this major shift (the foundation based on judging, sentencing and punishing people), the secret agents in other countries, such as the USA, England, Canada, Germany, Italy, and France, adopted this KGB innovation into their principles of existence. All these agencies gradually stopped providing essential information to and being controlled by Presidents, Prime Ministers, and other rulers. This transition was based on the assumption that the intelligent agents became experts in anything, especially in the last and absolute judgment of other people and their activities.

During last 2-3 decades, due to complete control of the internet, phone and all other means of communication, secret agents, as never before, had an absolute and easy access to a vast amount of private information. This factor speeded up this shift to feeling above the whole society.

These days, many groups of secret agents feel themselves smarter than ordinary politicians, ministers, Presidents, lawyers, police Chiefs, detectives, dating experts, teachers, sports coaches, doctors, and anybody else.