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Total Mind Control by KGB Leninist: Takes Only a Few Hours

- Last update on June 6, 2023
By Dr. Artour Rakhimov, Alternative Health Educator and Author

Image of brainMind control involves clandestine techniques that can deceive and make a person do things that he or she would not normally do. For example, the brainwashed can murder other people, even family members, and then immediately commit suicide.

GULAG (abbreviation in Russian, Glavnoe Upravlenie Ispravitel-no-trudovykh Lagerei or Chief Directorate of Prison Camps in the former USSR) – a system of labor camps run by Soviet KGB agents in the 1930′-60’s, the largest world’s laboratory for mind control experiments with over 10,000,000 “guinea pigs” sacrificed.

KGB (abbreviation in Russian, Komitet Gosudarstvennoy Bezopasnosti or Committee for State Security in the former USSR) – a secret service or state security intelligence agency of the Soviet Union. (Now it is called FSB or Federalnaya Sluzshba Bezopasnosti, but they are generally the same people in local areas.)

As you read the following, be aware that the author, Dr. Artour Rakhimov, in 1994, witnessed numerous crimes, deaths, and cases of brainwashing with total mind control in a cult organized by KGB-related people. This cult included his family member and many people whom he knew for years. Also, in 1994, he reported crimes and murders committed by KGB-related people to Russian and Western authorities, moved to Canada, and later became the target of these KGB agents (only a minor part of KGB).

Mind control by KGB: introduction

While this website is devoted to health and breathing, there are numerous reasons and events from my private life (Dr. Artour Rakhimov) that relate to total mind control techniques used by KGB agents. There is a separate page about persecutions of about 200 Soviet and Russian medical doctors by KGB GULAG agents and how they organized several assassination attempts to kill Dr. Buteyko. These persecutions are a small part of the Soviet and Russian history of KGB agents.

Here I want to focus on numerous murders and massacres organized by KGB agents worldwide, with the use of total mind control methods. These crimes are committed up to present days (December 2011) and are worth describing.

Mind Control Suicide-Murders after 2006 Exhibition about KGB Gulag Labor Camps in Fairfax

In 2006, George Mason University, located in a small city Fairfax, Virginia (USA) organized a public exhibition about KGB GULAG labor camps. This was a unique event for the West (and for Russia too, where generally people do not want to talk about it). From December 2005 until November 2006, four suicide-murders took place in Fairfax, an explosion of such rare types of crimes for a small area, as newspapers reported. More detail about these suicide-murders can be found on a separate page (see links below).

Now you can probably realize why so little (or next to nothing) is said or written about KGB agents, the history of KGB, GULAG labor camps, persecutions during Soviet times, and crimes committed with the use of the KGB total mind control method.

Mind control and murders to control minds

What would be the possible goals and anticipated effects of such suicide-murders? The psychological effects are numerous. Exhibition organizers should experience stress and anxiety. Historians and others interested in the history of KGB were conditioned to an adverse reaction to exhibitions about the Soviet past and KGB. The whole exhibition should be colored in dark colors in the minds of involved people and even people living nearby.

Finally, the western security organizations, like the FBI, CIA, and many others were “informed” that if there are more exhibitions and groups of people interested in KGB history, then there will be more similar suicide-murders involving mind control. (Actually, one KGB person is enough to organize tens of such or similar murders and crimes with mind control every year in, for example, the USA.)

Hence, if any other university or group tries to study KGB and educate the world about its past activities, Western security organizations can prevent such developments in order to reduce terrorism. (National Security Agencies are not paid for the education of people, they are paid for the reduction of terrorism). This is the reason why there is literally nothing (i.e., no books, movies, exhibitions, museums, etc.) about KGB, GULAG, their persecutions and mind control techniques.

Who are the best world “experts” in mind control?

Surely, after torturing and murdering more than 10 million people, KGB agents, not agents from the CIA or MI-5, should be able to discover mind control techniques that can make a person kill others (usually relatives) and then themselves (so that it is impossible to track to the origins of these crimes). Are KGB GULAG agents the best mind controllers? Let us apply simple logic.

The most skillful mind control experts should be those people who tortured, raped and murdered millions of people and still avoid public scrutiny and responsibility for what they have been doing. Most people know about them but they break away from analyzing or even thinking about them. People in the West are generally made to believe that the main terrorists are people from Al-Qaeda and other Muslim groups and organizations. Could they be mind control leaders? All these Asian and Arabic terrorists did not kill even 1 % of people killed and tortured by Soviet KGB and Russian Gulag leftovers of the Soviet KGB. Furthermore, KGB did not just kill those 10,000,000 people. The victims were not for murder. They were for the extraction of information about other enemies of the Soviet State and for making them loyal to the Soviet regime. How? Using mind control techniques.

Do you know how many KGB agents were ever tried in courts for their heinous crimes? Less than 10… Many of those KGB agents are alive and are in control of parts of modern Russian KGB (now FSB).

Murders and deaths with use of mind control in my life

Mind control deaths (sometimes zombies or robots can die) and murders, mystery suicide-murders, suicide-massacres, airplane disasters, and many other similar events became a part of my life years ago since 1996. But it took me many years to realize that there is a design for many crimes and a certain purpose, like for the Fairfax suicide-murders.

In 1994, I discovered that numerous mysterious deaths of young people (athletes) took place with those people of the West and Russia who were visited by certain KGB-related people involved in the sport. I was myself in the same sport coaching elite athletes and competing myself. These were first mystery murders for me to think about. Several healthy young males, mostly Western people, died without a known cause but all were associates or friends of those KGB-related people. (Note that it is only a small part of modern KGB-FSB that uses mind control, most others are against them.) Numerous other people, I knew, left their families and joined a circle of KGB related people with drastic changes in their behavior and views on life. I have never seen or witnessed such drastic mental changes that often took place almost overnight. These were the cases of total mind control when people could do anything for the person who brainwashed them. The brainwashed can, for example, kill their own children and spouses if they are ordered to do that. They can kill themselves too. (Most people would do the same, and, therefore, the brainwashed are innocent. See the link below for more info about psychological and physiological changes in the brainwashed.)

In the same year (1994) I immigrated to Canada and informed authorities of various Western countries about mind control, deaths, and names of involved KGB people. As I realized more recently, GULAG KGB people found out about my revelations since they were hidden before. The next step is obviously vendetta. So, I became a target of KGB agents living in Canada. How could they persecute me from Russia?

I could not understand what was going on for many years until one day, quite recently, all came into the place and here are some events with the use of mind control.

Mind Control and Massacres in 1996

Mind control terroristIn 1996, in a period of about 1.5 months, there were the two largest modern age massacres for Australia and Scotland. One massacre took place on 28 April 1996, on a beach in Port Arthur (Tasmania), where 35 people were gunned down by Martin Bryant. Another shooting rampage was on 13 March 1996, in Dunblane (Scotland), where a school teacher killed 16 children and one adult with a gun in a primary school. (Note that my name is Artour, almost Arthur, and I worked as a school teacher in Toronto at this time. By the way, I am not joking here, and you will realize that I am dead serious if you read more about me: About Dr. Artour Rakhimov.)

What would you think about the name “Arthur” after you see and hear about the details of this event?

After killing 17 people in Dunblane, the murderer committed suicide. Note that nearly all suicide-murders (when people kill others, often relatives, and then kill themselves) are totally abnormal for any ordinary human mind unless one is a zombie or brainwashed with the use of mind control methods. Why is it so? Think about the German Nazi, who required many weeks or even months, for example, to realize what they did and get angry at themselves.

The suicide-murder design, as in cases of all Fairfax suicide-murders, helps people who use mind control to hide the ends so that it is impossible to extract information from the murderer about who used mind control and ordered him to kill others and himself.

Mind Control Crimes Related to President Obama

Obama related mystery murderOn April 16, 2009, President Obama visited Mexico City. Just 3 days before this visit, the famous 2009 swine flu pandemic started in Mexico. (This flu pandemic killed thousands of people worldwide later and became huge publicly.) During his trip, President Obama shook hands with Professor Felipe Solis Olguin, director of the National Museum of Anthropology (MNA). Professor Olguin passed away one week later, on April 23, 2009. There were numerous reports that he died due to swine flu and that he shook hands with President Obama. Later, official White House and Mexican sources confirmed that Professor Olguin died due to… cardiac arrest. (I know one KGB technique with the use of a highly toxic gas. Two breaths are enough to cause a heart failure.)

If some people decided to screw up the US Presidency and spoil the relationships between the USA and Mexico, these events (the swine flu outbreak and murder of Professor Olguin) would make sense. Since the war with drug cartels was one of the key topics discussed, KGB agents also expressed their unhappiness about these developments.

What are the effects? Let us think about the psychological state of President Obama. He shook hands with a person in Mexico, and this person died one week later. Which feelings would President Obama experience after this death since President Obama was to shake many-many hands during his future trips and meetings?

Now, let us focus on people who are to meet with President Obama. He shook hands with someone and this someone died. Hmmm… How would you feel during and after shaking hands with President Obama? Would it affect your emotional attitude?

But these details are the key secondary psychological factors that define outcomes in complex political dialogues, conflict resolutions, and even business meetings.

According to Gallop polls, President Obama had his highest popularity (up to 65-67%) until the end of April – beginning of May 2009. From May 2009, his popularity started to decline to less than 50% by December 2009 and was never more than 50% later.

It is all about the psychology of performance and mind control. Here is a design. Obama’s visit to Mexico heralded the outbreak of the swine flu pandemic that started in Mexico and spread worldwide killing thousands, while shaking one Professor’s hand, during the same April 2009 trip, “killed” this Professor days later. How could or should these “weird” events influence the mind and spirit of President Obama?

Mind Control and Airplane Crashes, Weird Murders, Accidents, and Arsons

Plane crash murder mysteryI had 2 or 3 situations in the 1990s when I was flying across the Atlantic. About a week later similar planes crashed in the ocean. These days, especially after 9/11, security measures made flying much safer.

In June 2000, while in the Margate (south-east of the UK), I made a phone call to my mother in Russia mentioning, accidentally, tomatoes. About a week later, on June 20, 2000, 58 illegal Chinese immigrants suffocated to death in an airtight truck of tomatoes at Dover, England when they tried to cross the border. Dover is about 200 km south from Margate, where I stayed. Another detail: I am of Tartar origin. Tartars are Asian, relatives of the Mongols and Chinese.

Here is another “strange” mind control murder. In July 2008 I made a very long 3-day journey, across North America, from California to Halifax, Nova Scotia (the very east of Canada on the Atlantic coast). About a week later, on July 30, 2008, McLean, a 22-year-old Canadian man, was stabbed, then beheaded and cannibalized while riding a Greyhound Canada bus. McLean’s killer, 40-year-old Vince Weiguang Li (of Chinese origin) shook McLean’s head in front of other people in the bus. This “weird” crime was described in many American and Canadian newspapers, TV and radio stations.

I had many cases when I arrived at some city in Canada or the USA and a few days later just a few blocks from me, a fire killed 3, or 5, or more people, or a church was burnt, or an industrial explosion took place. Here are some fresh examples.

Most recent events that likely relate to total mind control

On October 4, 2011, after a long break (several months), I uploaded another YouTube video (there were many recorded and later uploaded on YouTube in October-December 2011). This video had the title “Cough Medicine, Syrups, and Best Cough Suppressants”. The URL of this video is If one watches this video, there are two specific signs related to this series of videos:
– these videos are recorded on the shore of California
– I had short hair, obviously after a recent haircut done.

On October 12, or about a week later, in Seal Beach, California (about 30 km north from LA), Scott DeKraii, entered a hair salon and killed 8 people using a gun. This event became known as Seal Beach Beauty Salon Massacre.

I am from Toronto, Canada. On Nov 12, 2011, I posted a video on YouTube (Yoga for Beginners: Avoid Mistakes of Most Advanced Yoga Gurus – URL address about the essence of yoga distorted by modern yoga teachers. Two days later, on Nov 14, 2011, a yoga teacher Jenna Morrison was “accidentally” killed in Toronto. You can read the details here:–dead-cyclist-jenna-morrison-was-a-yoga-teacher-dancer-mom (Toronto Star from 17 November 2011). Read more here: Toronto Yoga Teacher Probably Killed By KGB Leninist. In the second half of November 2011, I stayed in Berkeley (California) in Berkley Hostel, 2434 Piedmont Avenue Berkeley, CA. On November 18, 2011, a fire, which caused more than $2 million in structural damage, destroyed a four-story apartment building at the corner of Telegraph Avenue and Haste Street or about 5 blocks north-west (about 500 m) from the hostel where I stayed. You can see the blaze here:

Mind control design

How people react to ideas about mind control and brainwashing

Many people can get curious about ideas that murders and deaths can relate to mind control organized by KGB agents. However, it is also common that some people freak out when they think about it. Here is one of the replies that I have got after I emailed to a man about an idea that his friend was a victim of the crimes organized by KGB with the use of mind control:

I am disgusted by this message. I do not know you, but I know that […. one’s] family is suffering dearly over her death. Your email is deeply inappropriate in more ways than I care to discuss. Leave her alone, leave her memory alone and leave her family alone. Let this family grave and let […. one] truly rest in peace. Do not email me again and do not pass this email address to another person or organization.

This message also provides an explanation of why KGB agents remain so powerful up to the present times and why thousands more are to die. It is not only mind control (or brainwashing) that is used by KGB agents to commit murders. These murders also become a form of mind control for all others involved. What about you?

Old comments from the website with the previous name

Ted Parker FB ProfileTed Parker · Commented on Total Mind Control by KGB Leninist: Only a Few Hours
Good morning Dr. Rakhimov. I would like to discuss with you, my experience in Novosibirsk russia between march 2013 and october 2015… Regarding hypnosis, rapid breathing, altered mental states… Your articles are the only thing that makes any sense of it. Please email me at your earliest convenience. Thank you.
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Artour Rakhimov FB ProfileArtour Rakhimov · Commented on Total Mind Control by KGB Leninist: Only a Few Hours
Hello, Mr. Parker,
Thank you for posting here.
Who are you?
What exactly do you want from me?
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Stephanie Kalin FB ProfileStephanie Kalin · Commented on Total Mind Control by KGB Leninist: Only a Few Hours
not sure what this proves, sorry
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Artour Rakhimov FB ProfileArtour Rakhimov · Commented on Total Mind Control by KGB Leninist: Only a Few Hours
It proves that national security agencies (like FBI, CSIS, MI5, etc.) fool public about causes of well-known accidents, massacres, and crimes and misinform public about who are main threats to public safety.
If you know that touching a hot stove or an electrical outlet is dangerous, this is great. But there are more serious dangers that over 99% of population are not aware about.
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Stephanie Kalin FB ProfileStephanie Kalin · Commented on Total Mind Control by KGB Leninist: Only a Few Hours
Artour Rakhimov Thank you for the reply! I see were your coming from. please excuse my ignorance on the topic…”im new”. You certainly are correct. It crazy how deep it goes, i take it these days main stream media and social media is used for misinformation and covers…Do you know how these MC techniques have been redeveloped over time? Do you think security agencies utilise new techniques that target social media…ie cognitive dissonance caused by social media and the internet.
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Artour Rakhimov FB ProfileArtour Rakhimov · Commented on Total Mind Control by KGB Leninist: Only a Few Hours
Stephanie Kalin Due to the obedience-to-authority instinct, there is no much need for state secret agents to apply any additional techniques for people from mass media.
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Thomas Michael Foote FB ProfileThomas Michael Foote · Commented on Total Mind Control by KGB Leninist: Only a Few Hours
Interesting article. I’d like to read more if there are new developments.
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Artour Rakhimov FB ProfileArtour Rakhimov · Commented on Total Mind Control by KGB Leninist: Only a Few Hours
There are new developments nearly every day, including US shootings and other crimes. I also did not describe here Germanings crash, Museum massacre in Tunis and many other crimes.
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