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My Notes for Video 2: Brain-Washed KGB’s Zombies Behind Mass Killings

*Part 3B (extra events). Buteyko-related crimes in my life

Extra Buteyko case

My video uploads:
Feb 12, 2011, Oct 4, 2011, Oct 6, 2011, Oct 7, 2011
Upload dates: Oct 4, 2011, Oct 6, 2011, Oct 7, 2011 – One can see on videos: with haircut and made in California coast – HI Point Montara Lighthouse Hostel —
File: HI-Point Montara—Reservation-Aug-Sept-2011.pdf
A week later, after the video uploads:
October 12, 2011, Salon Meritage hair salon in Seal Beach, California.

2020-01—Rot am See shooting
Last year, IHHT trips, Flight from Palma, Mallorca, Spain (Dr. Prokop) to Stuttgart/Frankfurt Juergen Reinmuth
2020-01-25-2020—Booking—Dom y Ziel.pdf
My stay – 25 to 27 January 2020, but was booked days in advance (OK-reservation email image)
Date: Wednesday, 8 January 2020, 13:56 CET
One day before my arrival and check-in:
24 January 2020, six people killed and two wounded , Rot am See, Germany.
Less than 100 km – see the map (Mannheim + Stuttgart on the map)

Ontario, Canada – Skype students with the class on 16 March, 2021 (morning, but arranged days before) 
On the same day, Ontario, CA explosion – fireworks- 2 dead, 3 mill. damages

Part 3B. Personal cases, not related to teaching/promotion of health/Buteyko method (usually related to my travels):

19 December 2016, Christmas market next to the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church in Berlin, 12 people dead…
I did not know my location until I searched my receipts:
12-18-2016—Hostel–PP–26e.pdf –
Wiki – the deadliest terrorist attack in Germany since 1980.

2018-04-23-Toronto van attack
April 11, 2018 – LinkedIn Messages and meeting a female (Russian, work, settlement, from Chebarkul…) – Image
Meeting with her, 3 pm, image – Bloor/Young
April 23, 2018 – The Toronto van attack – 8 women and 2 men killed
April 23, 2018, Yonge Street in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

I was again in Stuttgart AO Hostel in 2019 or 2020 – I saw a new Memorial from months ago …. “Jaqui and Riccardo” died on March 6, 2019 – 2 young couple wanted to get married. I did online search:
Jaguar attack – March 6, 2019 by 20 yo male who rented Jaguar
Where I was at that time?
March 2, 2019 – 03-02-2019—Booking–BER–14e–PP – March 2, Happy Go Lucky Hotel + Hostel Address: Stuttgarter Platz 17, Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf, 10627 Berlin, Germany

Political asylum in the UK in 2000, the year when I discovered Buteyko (later in the UK). My phone call to my mother; her question about my meals; tomato salad, cooked chicken with cooked cauliflower…
In 1-2 weeks, in news, – 58 dead Chinese illegal immigrants/asylum seekers in a truck with … tomatoes.

Extra cases (with weaker connection to events in my life)

24 March 2015, Airbus A320-211, all 144 died …

How I know? BND Guilt games…

My trainings and possible Buteyko-related case
Training started on 21 June 2016 in Belgrade – 2 males…
I can provide emails, housing reservations, tickets, and other details if one wants to investigate it.
A male killed 49 people and wounded 53 more in a mass shooting in a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida, USA.

2020-04—Nova-Scotia-attacks ***
April 2020, I was in Croatia searching details for traveling, housing, and car rentals in Nova Scotia – 2020-04—Nova-Scotia-attacks
On April 18–19, 2020, killed 22 people

2020-Beirut Explosion
1 or 2 Aug 2020 – Fishing near Belgrade – seeing and thinking – 2 days later,
On 4 August 2020, over 200 deaths, 7,500 injured, and 12 euro billion in damages.
*End of Part 3B (extra events from my life).

Extras – Part 4. Who else are targeted?

*** Likely low carb people (Florida murders of alternative health people) – 2015 – 8 people in 2 months….
+ Orgone therapy (especially builders of Orgone accumulators), Rife therapy leaders/promoters, + anything natural or that works.

Possible Buteyko cases of other people/countries:
– A. Strelnikova death
– Princess Diana death – suicide-murder by a driver
– Copenhagen massacre (prevented)

* EXTRAS – Part 6. What qualities do they target and why?

2020 KGB-GULAG Mafia crimes – PLANE CRASHES:

Plane Crash Fatalities Rise in 2020 Despite Huge Reduction in Traffic

2020-plane-crashes-increase/ Folder+ more:

Good/kind people killed

– Plane crash died Ocala Police Chief Greg Graham
– 2020 Calabasas helicopter crash – Kobe Bryan (no sex before marriage man)
– Newlyweds die in plane crash just days after getting married

Killed 1st – Yiran Fan, a 30-year-old Ph.D. was the first person shot: Or only one to be killed by .. unknown? + suicide – CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Movies

Man, 71, killed in house explosion in Alma remembered as ‘kind, caring’
6 October 2021

The woman who was killed is remembered as ‘kind, generous, caring, selfless.’

Birmingham explosion: Woman killed in house blast named as mum with ‘heart of pure gold’
Title: Plane crash victims known for good works in Hamilton County – “two couples widely known for their religious faith, civic engagement and business acumen…”

They also target terrorists and criminals – already angry with life/people, hidden, often with guns…
Likely, Boko Haram, possibly in Mexico –
13 dead – 8 police, 5 from Attorney General….
9 days delay + zero international …

Style of crimes:
– 4 s-m cases in Fairfax – as if murdering family members (highly sensitive = guilt games)
Fires with me and Kandis, more??? Australia, etc… “People who are on fire…”
– Using snooping and looking for personal events and traits (haircut, eating tomatoes, going to a church, visiting a place, )

General conclusions (separate threads):
– All communication is compromised – billions of fooled people…
– Police people/detectives are all wrong (some lie, others asked to lie)
– Mass media people, reporters, journalists, etc. (from TV, newspapers, etc.) are all wrong (some lie, others asked to lie)
– Crimes are done for the govt secret agents (often/always hidden from me).
Why attaching crimes to targets? Why for agents? Who control the world?