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Murder of Children: Old KGB Method Currently Used by KGB Mafia Using Zombies

- Last update on June 6, 2023

How selective killing of children works (psychology)

Today (October 22, 2019), I just arrived in Philadelphia from Montreal, and yesterday there was news (see, for example, NY Times article “Philadelphia Shootings Kill Girl, 2, and Wound Boy, 11 Months, Police Say
The boy is in critical care. If he survives, “he will be most likely quadriplegic”, as this NY Times article claims. A motive is formally unknown…

Some weeks ago, I wrote a post about how the Mafia uses snooping after personal communication of certain people (called “targets”) in order to organize crimes later. For example, about 20 years ago, this is how this Mafia critically wounded (read “murdered” since he died from these wounds later) Dr. K.P. Buteyko. Here was the order of those events:
1. Dr. Buteyko bought an airline ticket.
2. The Mafia got access to all the details of his flight and arrival to Novosibirsk.
3. The Mafia directed 3 brain-washed males (zombies or robots) to the place and ordered them to severely beat him with metal pipes.

As I pointed before, the myth about the safety of electronic communication (including internet communication, phone communication, and banking transactions) is the key factor that makes such crimes possible. Furthermore, decades of past actions of secret agents around the world conditioned the Mafia to success.

Here is another story about how the Mafia organized a selective murder of a child.

Events in Netherlands: the murder of the child to derail the Buteyko communities

In 2006-2008, I had numerous email interactions with the leading Buteyko Practitioner Dick Kuiper (the founder of the Buteyko Institue in the Netherlands) about translations of materials and web sites, and we even had even a long individual meeting to explain certain details of the Buteyko Method he was interested in.

Some weeks later, his daughter died in some weird incident when a driver killed her using his car (this method became later even more common when zombies kill many people using large trucks and cars – search for massacres in Berlin and Toronto)…

Here was the sequence of events:
– the Mafia snooped our email communication and learned that we (Dick and I) had productive interactions and met personally
– the local Mafia people (from the Dutch branch) analyzed all available electronic communication within Kuiper’s family (mostly cell phone messages and calls) in order to define who is who in his family and daily routines and schedules (logistics) of family members
– the Mafia leaders selected his daughter as a victim since she was the favorite child in the family (for maximum psychological damage)
– brainwashed member(s) of the Mafia organized surveillance of her daily routes
– the Mafia brainwashed a male in order to be an assassin
– he was ordered to kill Dick’s daughter.

Later, for many years ahead, Dutch secret agents decided that I was partially (or indirectly) responsible for this crime. Note that at this time, during a typical year, I spoke with and provided lessons/classes/help related to breathing retraining and the Buteyko Method to hundreds of people…

Why targets are children? KGB experience with GULAG victims

When dealing with millions (!) political prisoners of GUKAG labor camps (located mostly in Siberia), KGB agents quickly learned that, in order to save the lives of their family members, many prisoners would do nearly anything. Thus, using family members became a pivotal tool in breaking the will and control of victims.

In the above examples, “weird” killings or murders of children used in different situations. In Philadelphia’s case, it was mainly a message to local FBI agents to get “unhappy” about my appearance there. Year after year, I arrive somewhere and children or civilians are killed there. This is a “lesson” or “message” to local Pensilvanian but also to all other agents.

In Dutch events, the murder was the blow to the all Dutch community of Buteyko teachers. It was also a message to agents from all around the world (to prevent all my future interactions and contacts).

Murder-suicide leaves 3 children dead in San Diego

Just days ago, I started to discuss details of our Buteyko breathing training (traveling to a certain location and working there for several weeks together) with one of the persons from San Diego. This is what I wrote: NOV 9, 2019, 3:20 AM
“Also, are you able to take a laptop with you? If so, send me the details of your laptop: hard drive, free memory, RAM, and processor. For video editing, I have a Macbook Air used in the past by many assistants…”

Days later, as this article from Washington Post says, Father’s murder-suicide leaves mother, three children dead, police say. – another seemingly weird “coincidence”.

How secret agents react to these murders of children (and other people)

Secret agents from national security organizations (FBI, MI5, CSIS, BND, etc.) want to save the lives of children and other people. The agents feel deeply hurt by these crimes. Solutions? They react by undermining, derailing, or destroying the lives of KGB Leninist’s targets, who are in many cases health practitioners since the practice of agents shows them that this reduces the crime rate.