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Slowly Murdered by CSIS Secret Agents With Stress and Stooges (FBI-MI5 Methods)

- Last update on December 25, 2018
By Dr. Artour Rakhimov, Alternative Health Educator and Author

In this video above, Dr. Artour Rakhimov described how sleep deprivation method was used by CSIS agents to slowly kill his mother.

Nazilia Rakhimova, murdered by CSIS secret agents by stress (FBI-MI5 methods)

(August 2017 update. When writing this article in June 2016, I did not know the exact mechanism since she died from quickly progressing Alzheimer’s disease, and this was the official diagnose leading to quick deterioration of mental functions due to changes in her brain. However, in this article below I described the methods of using snaps developed and tested by teams of secret agents from MI5, FBI, etc.. Now new clinical research from August 2017 claimed that “sleep deprivation increases amyloid-β” and that causes the development of Alzheimer’s disease. see links and comments at the bottom of this article.)

My mother Nazilia Rakhimova (1937-2016), who died on May 28, 2016, have experienced the same methods and techniques while living in Canada. I have experienced these methods for over 20 years of my life from 1995 until 2016, not only in Canada but in many other countries of the world (for details, see another page: Why I applied 12 times for political asylum in EU countries).

Keep in mind that here we do not discuss those agents or security people who work in airports, or involve in official activities of national security organizations. Here, we discuss secret agents who watch in secret cameras and who recruit millions of stooges (ordinary civilians) for their special secret operations.

The techniques were applied against my mother for many years by national security agents from the CSIS (Canadian Security Intelligence Service), the organization that is supposed to fight terrorism and protects civilians.

These methods included, in her case, manipulation of environment (e.g., appearance and disappearance of objects in her apartment), prevention of normal interactions with surrounding people (i.e., alienation or total social isolation), generation of noises (snaps) in the apartment where she lived (in North York, Ontario), use of sirens and alarms generated from stooges in fire trucks, police cars, and ambulances, and other techniques commonly used and secretly shared among largest NSAs (national security organizations) including biggest Western organizations such as FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigations) in the USA and MI5 (Military Intelligence) in the United Kingdom (Great Britain).

In the past, I described here possible methods that were used by Californian FBI agents against the world’s top energy healer: Why Kandis Blakely died. Kandis lasted from 2008 to 2013 or about 5 years. As in the case with my mother, Kandis was the target of secret agents due to activities of the third party: Russian KGB GULAG agents.

Thus, my understanding is that it was not a specific goal of CSIS agents to kill my mother (as it was not the goal of FBI agents to kill Kandis). In both cases, deaths were logical effects of their activities to prevent their interactions with all other people around them in order to reduce, as agents imagined, the number of casualties created by KGB Leninist (the killing-associates method). However, this should not be a way to make totally innocent people suffer and die even when protecting others.

There are 1,000s of sophisticated techniques secretly developed and generously shared among communities of secret agents. Here are only a few of them. These techniques involve any private or personal activity (including sleep, eating, rest, hobbies, etc.) and any interaction with any other person (to create tension, hostility, and alienation). In other words, secret agents can make one’s life worse than the life in an ordinary prison by a typical inmate. There are activities of agents that can influence a person 24/7 undermining his or her physical, mental, and psychological states.

Appearance and disappearance of objects in her apartment

As one may know, private spaces of separate individuals do not exist in minds of secret agents. Once, in 2014, I stayed in her apartment for several days. We went for grocery shopping with her. We left her apartment together and came back together about 30-40 min later. When I opened the door and entered her apartment, there were numerous rubber gloves taken from a box (all gloves were in one box in a closet) and thrown on the floor in the kitchen, living room and washroom. When commenting on this event, she was not surprised even in the slightest degree. I was shocked much more since this had been her daily reality.

She could find many clothing articles in her apartment that she had never seen in her life (i.e., somebody else’s objects), while her objects could disappear. She complained to me during a Skype calls later that somebody was eating grains and other foods that were on my shelf in her apartment.

Some months before the glove’s event, I bought her an electronic alarm clock so that she could see time at night. Once, she came home and discovered that this clock was broken and lied in the middle of her apartment with pieces of glass and plastic around. Apparently, somebody violently smashed this clock over the floor. Such acts of vandalism are common for many secret agencies (including FBI, Irish Secret Garda, etc.). The reason for this act could also relate to the technique that is called “social isolation” with the purpose to destroy or undermine relationships among family members and friends by making a target lonely or separated.

There is now another page that describes how the intrusion of privacy influences the minds of the hosts. It is about shelter-safety needs that are common in many mammals and other species or how to generate neurosis and stress using special methods.

Using snaps or noises from walls, doors, ceiling, etc. in the apartment

This method has been known to me since 1996 and was used against me for extreme sleep deprivation lasting for months every single night. I am not certain if CSIS agents used this method to create her sleep deprivation, but loud crispy snaps were routinely used tens of times every day when I visited her on numerous occasions in 2014-2015.

Snap intensity from CSIS agentsIn order to produce crispy snaps of similar intensity (and to imagine how it feels), one can use an ordinary pen, pencil, or a plastic hairbrush. You need to bend one end of this object away from the surface of a table and release it, as it is shown on the image on the right side. When the released end hits the surface, it generates a crispy snap.

In 1996, when CSIS agents used this method for sleep deprivation, I was curious about the technique since such noises were generated, in my room, from chairs, a table, ceiling, and other objects. A professor of Physics from the University of Toronto explained to me that such noises can be generated by tiny devices inserted into cracks. The snap device can be activated by a specific radio frequency impulse so that different devices can produce noises depending on which frequency is used.

This technique can be used for sleep deprivation (so that a person may not hear a single snap at night, but would not get any deep stages of sleep at all), to distract attention, to prevent multitasking and focus on doing daily things, etc.

I do not have exact details related to snaps in my mother situation, but I had 100s of such snaps when I accidentally cut myself and have bleeding when shaving, or start scratching the skin, eat specific foods (that probably make agents very unhappy), etc. The assumptions behind this method of “communication” used by agents from the CSIS, FBI, MI5, Irish Secret Garda, etc. are numerous.

Use of stooges

During her last years, my mother changed her phone service providers (Bell Canada and Rogers) several times mostly due to abnormal bills that were provided. She asked me on many occasions to investigate why she was billed for phone calls that she never made. It was also common for all bills I saw that her name had several mistakes (usually 4-5 spelling mistakes in 2 words). Since phone services are provided to people with valid government IDs, stooges from these large corporations were secretly trained by CSIS agents to distort her name on documents.

Visits to doctors (physicians), dentists, and classes to learn English, all involved weird events with stress and hostility. Secret agents routinely teach stooges how to lie, avoid responsibility, break promises, come late, etc. etc.

One example took place when she rented a room on Fisherville Ave in North York, about 1 km from her last apartment. Her neighbor was a young Italian man Arturo. When he was moving away from his room, he came and offered her to take a large mirror for free. Since my mother’s room was small, she told that there was no place for this large mirror. Then this Italian male lied the mirror on the floor and started to stomp on it with his feet crashing the mirror to pieces. Such examples of extreme drama are common in training provided to ordinary stooges by secret agents.

Stooges are commonly asked to sign Secrecy Agreements that make all these activities hidden. But the most important single goal of Secrecy Agreements is to bind the stooge spiritually and psychologically since such Secrecy Agreements do not have any legal power. Secrecy Agreements, in the world of patents and business, implies that a person gets some confidential information (about how to make a nuclear bomb, create a drug, etc.). In the world of NSAs, Secrecy Agreements require the person to do something for secret agents and on behalf of national security, and this “something” (that the person did himself or herself!) becomes covered by secrecy.

Secret agents do not provide any secrets to ordinary people. They teach stooges how to execute actions (usually, actions of hostility) which will be covered by the veil of secrecy.

One can apply basic logic to realize that any Secrecy Agreement is a bubble which automatically means that those people who require to sign such Secrecy Agreements are simply charlatans.

Sirens, noises, and alarms generated by stooges

Stooges may come with their own vehicles. Great candidates for techniques used by secret agents are those stooges with vehicles (Harleys and sporty cars with noisy mufflers) who produce loud noises. In addition, fire department cars, police cruisers, and ambulances can also be employed. This means that secret agents go to top leaders of these organizations and recruit them for “special operations”. These stooges are then instructed to wait 1-2 blocks away for a signal to start moving in exact time provided by guiding hidden secret agents.

The typical intensity of stooges is about 1-2 noisy piece of machinery per minute. This means that the secret agent can provide around 100 units of stress in one hour. These stooges can follow a person, even if this person goes to the quietest park or residential area that did not have any Harleys or noisy sporty cars with a heavy rock inside for many weeks or months.

Broken electronic devices

My mother, in her 70s, attended English classes in different schools and community centers of North York. She had 2 dictionaries and bought 3 different electronic translators in order to practice English at home. All these 3 devices were not working in some weeks after she bought them and stores where she bought these devices refused to replace them (one can guess why and which instructions were provided to stores’ staff members).

I tried to imagine how she felt after these events. Even though she was a top-ranking doctor in my home city in the Urals, Russia (she was a manager of the city’s epidemiological station and later a chief doctor of the regional hospital), she worked as a babysitter and cleaner in the GTA. So, earning Canadian dollars was a hard job, while she wanted to help her children and grandchildren to have a better education. The stress level that she got after these devices were probably at least similar or greater than the stress level that I got in 2015 when I arrived in Berlin and left my passport and laptop in a locker in a hostel. Normally, for many months, I carried my passport with me all the time, even when doing exercise or going shopping. But on this occasion, I left the passport and my MacBook Air in a locker for less than 1 hour: they were both stolen.

She had a similar stressful accident that was repeated by CSIS agents just for her desire to learn English at home (at this time, she had good cognitive skills and were steadily improving her English).

How would an average person react

Since humans have a huge hidden survival drive or reflex called “obedience to authority”, one may argue that this could happen accidentally with all 3 devices. It may, but here are statistical details from my life.

Out of about 20 USB memory sticks that I bought during the last 10-12 years, none of them worked after 2 years of use. Some of them stopped working in days or weeks only. They were bought in different countries including Canada, the USA, Ireland, Belgium, Germany, and Holland.

Out of about 12 laptops that I bought during the last 20 years, all of them were destroyed or stolen. The most common method of destruction was overheating. After closing the lid of a laptop, it should go to sleep, but not when secret agents want to make “artistic changes” inside my files (it is a huge separate topic how secret agents “correct” books, articles, web pages, etc. in order to create a certain impression about a person for new readers).

When the laptop is closed and in my backpack, the hard drive should go to rest. But secret agents can keep the hard drive working. When the result had been the same: the laptop became overheated and was destroyed by heat. Usually, both the motherboard and the hard drive were destroyed meaning that all information from the hard drive was lost and could not be recovered (even in cases when it is done by highest professionals in the area who charge many hundreds for their work). Thus, I took a laptop from my backpack, and it was very hot.

Out of about 7-8 new cell phones that I bought in Canada and the USA during the last 20 years, all stopped working in less than 1 week. Thus, I do not use cell phones when I am in North America.

One may realize that this systematic destruction of electronic devices can cause financial losses, a waste of time, prevention of many normal activities, and psychological stress.

In my view, the average intensity of stress-causing events experienced by my mother was about 200-500 units per day. Most of this stress was created by stooges secretly recruited by CSIS agents in the name of “national security”, while over 99% of stooges probably had their (blind) trust in agents without signs of introspection, metacognition, or mindfulness.

September 2017 update. Now the exact cause of her slow death is known. Producing regular snaps at night prevents deep stages of sleep (even though the person may not remember any noises at all), and as we know, secret agents are exceptionally interested in methods that allow to agents to destroy the health of others (or even kill the person) using some hard-to-prove methods. Here is an article from Guardian and the original paper from Brain Magazine.

Poor quality sleep could increase Alzheimer’s risk, research suggests

– Ju YS et al, Slow wave sleep disruption increases cerebrospinal fluid amyloid-β levels, Brain, 2017 Aug 1; 140(8): p.2104-2111.

This is what I saw during the last months of her life. With fast progressing Alzheimer’s, she could not recognize people around her. First neighbors and friends when she was living in North York. My sister then took her from North York to near Orangeville where she with her husband and 3 children live. When my mother often (not always) could not recognize her daughter (my sister) and my sister’s husband (whom my mother adored for years), then my mother could not recognize her grandchildren. About 1-2 weeks before her death in May 2016, I visited her in a retirement house with medical care, and I was the only person she could recognize.
There were no signs of reduction inability to stand or walk, just severe mental deterioration, with frequent talks about her father and mother as if she was reduced to a child.

Old comments from the website with the previous name

Artour Rakhimov FB Profile
Artour Rakhimov · Commented on Slowly Murdered by CSIS Secret Agents With Stress and Stooges (FBI-MI5 Methods)
I believe that CSIS agents have been trained like dogs by breaking their will, and now they apply the same methods on others.
Public · Sep 26, 2016 1:42pm
Jim Hertzberg FB Profile
Jim Hertzberg · Commented on Slowly Murdered by CSIS Secret Agents With Stress and Stooges (FBI-MI5 Methods)
Yes…absolutely. The CSIS agents I have observed or filmed are all clearly psychopathic. They are engaging in Crimes Against Humanity and I am still finding it difficult to believe that this could occur here, in Canada.
Public · Sep 27, 2016 1:59am · Comment was moderated. · View Thread
Jim Hertzberg FB Profile
Jim Hertzberg · Commented on Slowly Murdered by CSIS Secret Agents With Stress and Stooges (FBI-MI5 Methods)
I believe I have enough evidence to link CSIS and their proxy groups to the illegal campaign of psychological torture, false incrimination and extra-judicial killings. I hope to report these crimes by submitting my evidence in the very near future. You could greatly assist me by answering a few questions about your experience. This may prove instrumental in ultimately rescinding the objectionable parts of C51. There are some other facts that may interest you regarding the ordeal you and your Mother experienced. Please let me know since I hope to act quickly and decisively.
Public · Jun 19, 2017 2:19am · Comment was moderated. · View Thread
Artour Rakhimov FB Profile
Artour Rakhimov · Commented on Slowly Murdered by CSIS Secret Agents With Stress and Stooges (FBI-MI5 Methods)
Jim Hertzberg I can probably answer your questions, if not too many. Thanks.
Public · Jun 19, 2017 3:54pm · View Thread



Jim Hertzberg FB Profile
Jim Hertzberg · Commented on Slowly Murdered by CSIS Secret Agents With Stress and Stooges (FBI-MI5 Methods)
Artour Rakhimov – only very few detailed questions about your observations during the time of the harassment. Seemingly insignificant facts may prove to be of enormous importance. Facebook is obviously not the correct medium to field questions of a private and sensitive nature. There are options such as email, phone, etc. Please let me know how you would like to proceed.
Public · Jun 24, 2017 6:33am · Comment was moderated. · View Thread
Artour Rakhimov FB Profile
Artour Rakhimov · Commented on Slowly Murdered by CSIS Secret Agents With Stress and Stooges (FBI-MI5 Methods)
Jim Hertzberg You can contact me by email: “buteyko_researcher”, then “@”, and then “”.
Public · Jun 25, 2017 4:05pm · View Thread



Jim Hertzberg FB Profile
Jim Hertzberg · Commented on Slowly Murdered by CSIS Secret Agents With Stress and Stooges (FBI-MI5 Methods)
Artour Rakhimov – I will be in contact with you soon. I understand that you are unable to engage in lengthy dialogue or correspondence…so I will be concise and to the point. I thank you for your cooperation.
Public · Jun 26, 2017 4:50am · Comment was moderated. · View Thread
Jim Hertzberg FB Profile
Jim Hertzberg · Commented on Slowly Murdered by CSIS Secret Agents With Stress and Stooges (FBI-MI5 Methods)
Very true..and I’m saddened to read about the torture your Mother has endured at the hands of CSIS and their ‘stooges’. CSIS is out of control and operating with NO meaningful oversight or accountability. My apartment has been broken into countless times as has my Mother’s residence by CSIS operatives. CSIS deploys the tactic of planting pedophilia on their targets as well as terror-related materials in order to further justify their illegal actions. I have observed CSIS on numerous occasions shutting down cameras and alarm systems with electronic jamming equipment as they bypass and defeat even the most advanced, high security locks during their illegal and unconstitutional targeted harassment activities. Most seriously, my family and I have recently been poisoned by CSIS operatives. We are now attempting to locate a Toxicology lab in a foreign country to perform an analysis…away from CSIS’ ability to further ‘disrupt’, ‘deny’, ‘degrade’, obstruct, interfere, etc. Needless to…See More
Public · Sep 25, 2016 3:21pm · Comment was moderated.