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Why Kandis Blakely, the NDT (New Decision Therapy) Creator, Died

- Last update on June 6, 2023
By Dr. Artour Rakhimov, Alternative Health Educator and Author

How KGB Leninist suppresses alternative health and people who make a difference

In April 2015, I discovered that Kandis Blakely, the creator of the NDT (New Decision Therapy) and my personal trainer and teacher, died many months ago in Malaysia (in December 2013). This information was from Lynn Himmelman (my other NDT and Kantilation trainer), a friend of Kandis. However, there are now two comments below about Thailand and one of them is that Kandis died on December 4, 2013, in Chiang Mai, Thailand due to Hepatitis C (which is curable with methods that I teach, and I will write about that later.)

I became a certified NDT teacher years ago while learning and applying this powerful forgiveness therapy to my breathing students. The technique allows releasing hidden traumas within a 60-70 min one-on-one session.

Those who know about Alexander Stalmatsky, the man who brought the Buteyko breathing technique to the Western world, can be aware that Alexander Stalmatsky also traveled through many countries trying to teach the Buteyko technique. Note that the Buteyko breathing technique is the most popular alternative health therapy taught by over 150 medical professionals in the USSR/Russia. Alexander Stalmatsky, after trying to settle in Australia, England, Ireland, and the USA, died in … Malaysia. There are more details about his life and work here: Alexander Stalmatsky.

On this page, I would like to share my explanations regarding the destinies of these people (who never met and never heard about each other) and the causes behind their deaths. In my view, these deaths were the result of activities of two teams of spooky people with kinky lives.

Kandis Blakely and New Decision Therapy

Kandis Blakely started teaching the NDT many years ago when she lived in Santa Barbara, California. You can see her demonstration of her technique in this short video that shows only the last minutes of the trauma-release process.

Later, in the 2010s, Kandis Blakely traveled through many countries and did some teaching here and there. There are more videos featuring her during her work in a prison in the Dominican Republic: Closing Ceremony for Prison Rehabilitation Program.

It shows the closing ceremony for the program called “Young Offenders Recovery Skills (YORS)”, a unique and innovative program for rehabilitating young prison inmates using the New Decision Therapy™ (NDT).

Why did Kandis Blakely leave Santa Barbara?

It is not a secret that people who develop or teach successful or popular health therapies generally stay in the same place. They may have one or 2 moves to places with more clients. It is probably true for over 99% of health practitioners. What could be the possible causes of numerous movements (over 5 places for each of them) in these 2 cases of Alexander and Kandis? My theory is that Alexander Stalmatsky and Kandis Blakely experienced conditions artificially created for them by other people.

I also believe that organizers of activities against Alexander Stalmatsky and Kandis Blakely were the same KGB GULAG Mafia people who were behind the murders of Dr. Buteyko, Vladimir Frolov, and Strelnikova, the leaders and creators of most popular alternative health techniques in Russia (all worked in the area of breathing).

It is also very possible that this hunt for people who make difference is much older. The same KGB Mafia could be behind the murders of Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, John F. Kennedy, and likely many more people many decades ago. Does it look strange that, as soon as there was a person who led some great social change, there was always some unhappy weirdo that popped up out of nowhere only to kill the leader and make their own useless life more miserable?

The Mafia’s strategy in action

Here is how the Mafia strategy worked in relation to Kandis Blakely, Alexander Stalmatsky, Dr. Buteyko, and some others. I am going to use the case with Kandis Blakely as an example.

When Kandis Blakely still lived in California, at the peak of her career and teaching this amazing trauma-removal technique, in 2008-2009, there were world-famous fires that killed dozens of people and created huge economic damage. Wiki sources indicate that the fires were “man-caused”, but no responsible persons were found.

These fires were likely organized by snoopy KGB Leninist (formerly known as GULAG KGB Mafia aka KGB Mafia or GULAG Mafia) using brainwashed people (zombies). There is a reason why these Mafia people are rarely found. It relates to the way how modern secret agents analyze any situation, view the world and their place in the world, and do their business. There is a separate page in my personal notes that compares secret agents with other emergency professionals, such as police detectives, paramedics, and firefighters. This page will be published here later. It shows that a highly specialized, exclusive training of modern secret agents (security intelligence) and their culture naturally divert minds of modern secret agents from the area of problem-solving into a totally different world of symbols, signs, affectations, enrolling and manipulations of stooges, etc. (instead of doing the business). In other words, modern leaders of security intelligence around the world breed bums who cannot do their job.

In addition to wildfires, the Mafia likely used another strategy related to killing or severely harming relatives or close friends of students who benefited from the NDT taught by Kandis Blakely in Santa Barbara. This is how this Mafia technique works in relation to harming associates in order to screw up any alternative health technique.

Imagine a practitioner of the NDT, Buteyko method, etc. since it can be any other alternative therapy, or group, or social movement targeted by the GULAG KGB agents. This practitioner (the target of the KGB agents), when the therapy is successful and growing, gets new clients, followers, trainee, associates, and students. The Mafia people are snoopy. They get information about these new people (e..g, students) from electronic eavesdropping. Internet and phone signals are traveling around the world via cables (sometimes), but also via air (between the neighboring signal transmitting stations or between masts). As a result, it is possible to secretly record information coming from mast antennas. Then the Mafia, after scanning their databases, gets names of these students, as well as their relatives and associates (while also snooping through Facebook, private emails, and other databases that the Mafia accumulated).

Note that these days, in Australia, New Zealand, the UK, and Ireland, the safety of phone and internet communication is much higher. As a result, these days the Mafia gets much more access to private phones and emails in North America. But years back, before 2010, it was easy for the Mafia to get access to most communication in all Western countries.

Killing or harming associates

The next possible option for the Mafia is to use professional killers to kill or severely harm someone from the close circles of these students. There are probably some 10-30 professional murderers (hitmen zombies, often criminals released from prisons and enrolled by the Mafia using total mind control) working for the KGB Mafia in North America. There are some in Europe, Asia, and nearly anywhere else.

From a practitioner’s viewpoint, it looks like their therapy greatly helps to people in general and their students with their physical health or emotional problems. But from the viewpoint of local secret agents (people from the FBI, CSIS in Canada, etc.), it looks like, as soon as the practitioner gets a new student, then a friend or relative of this student is killed or was severely harmed.

What would be the solution to the problem for secret agents (FBI agents or feds in the case of Kandis) who are paid for the safety of people? They will try to prevent this practitioner from getting new students. Then, as the agents think, there would be fewer deaths.

What FBI agents (feds) decided to do

When Kandis Blakely was still in Santa Barbara, how would these FBI agents react to wildfires and many new deaths? It is simple. The agents see the effects of wildfires, deaths, and possibly murders of relatives of associates. When these events happen, there are roaring alarms from fire trucks, rushing ambulances and paramedic cars with sirens, police cars going to their emergencies, and so forth. Therefore, the feds likely decided that Kandis need to know about these emergencies and hysteria present around wildfires and deaths by sending to her the same emergency machinery with sirens and alarms.

When a person is at home, there is a stronger sense of safety and being protected. Therefore, secret agents usually apply this “emergency” technique, when the target (in this case, Kandis Blakely) goes outside. Then fire trucks, ambulances, paramedics, etc. will be in close proximity greatly intensifying their emotional effects.

Note that many agents around the world apply the same hysteria-causing methods in their sincere attempts, as they believe, to “help” the person or to “guide” the person to better “life” or in another direction. This is because it is a common belief among agents worldwide that they know exactly which life (including diet, sleep, exercise, friends, partners, business projects, etc.) they deserve.

There are many additional psychological audio-visual tools to create emotional pressure. These tools are commonly applied by feds and other secret agents worldwide. One of them is to use invalids and/or people in wheelchairs. Indeed, if Kandis’s activities resulted in serious physical harm to others, it is sensible, from the agents’ viewpoint, to “decorate” Kandis’s life with corresponding images.

As soon as Kandis Blakely went outside for a walk or shopping, crowds of invalids in wheelchairs and people with visible physical defects appeared next to her. These activities of agents also required suitable stooges and their exact control with timing and directions.

When a person walks outside, there are certain events in the surrounding environment that can make this person feel uneasy, unpleasant, stressed, and so forth. Teams of secret agents around the world, not only FBI agents, accumulated a huge arsenal of such tools to use them against their targets.

For example, over 90% of people prefer not to have Harley riders or people with very noisy sporty cars (commonly known as “street junkies”) as their neighbors. Therefore, as the next logical step, from the agents’ viewpoint, is to provide Kandis Blakely with these types of imagery. Indeed, if many people are dying due to her alternative health activities, she “deserves” to experience some portion of the stress created by the Mafia in Santa Barbara. Here is a recent page about mental manipulation techniques used by secret agents.

Note that all these stooges (including police cars, fire trucks, ambulances, invalids, and many more) are highly “capable” and exceptionally “responsible” people as it was proven by Stanley Milgram during his obedience to authority experiments that were later replicated around the world. By the way, Stanley Milgram “accidentally” died from an out-of-nowhere heart attack. In my view, his obedience to authority experiment is the most useful psychological study ever done. The problem is that nearly all types of authorities ignore, pervert, and distort their results.

So, here is a possible scenario. Kandis Blakely goes outside, there are 3 Harley riders who “greet” her near the start of her journey. On the next corner, she meets two fire trucks with sirens followed by ambulances. Then there are teams of invalids in wheelchairs, noisy sporty cars, deviants with tattoos, chains hanging on the body, and so forth.

FBI secret agents monitor and predict the effects of such activities. If a target happened to be a resilient one, there are many more tools and techniques to intensify the effects of the previous psycho methods: sleep deprivation, drugs, and gases (that can be delivered right on the streets or outdoors) that cause panic attacks, severe headache, nausea, feeling of disgust, extreme irritation, and other strong emotions.

In addition, if new students mean more deaths or serious injuries to relatives and associates, this means that, if FBI secret agents prevent the appearance of new students, this would result in fewer or no deaths due to Kandis and her therapy. In the age of electronic communication and millions of stooges, there are dozens of techniques used by feds to cut down the inflow of new students.

Note that secret agents did not decide to report to higher authorities that they were incapable of solving old crimes and preventing new ones by finding people who organized these crimes. This conclusion probably did not occur or escaped the heads of secret agents for various reasons:
– nobody controls which type of work secret agents do and what their efficiency is any way
– why look somewhere else for something well hidden and very hard to find (the KGB Mafia) if the “cause” of crimes (Kandis, in this case) is right here – it is easier and simpler to kick her out.

What should happen in the next place? Exactly the same as before. Kandis brings new crimes to any new place making local secret agents annoyed or unhappy about her presence there. What is the overall result? If the Mafia targets the most effective alternative health people and movements, then the secret agents are enrolled by the Mafia to work against the most effective alternative health people and movements.

Did these actions of FBI agents and many other security intelligence people against Kandis Blakely prevent new crimes, such as the 2011 Breivik’s massacre in Norway, or Germanwings Flight 9525 plane crash in the Alps in 2015, or any other terrorism-related crimes? None of those. But past secret agents always believed and hoped that the actions (against Kandis Blakely, Sasha Stalmatsky, me, and some other people) would save lives. They wanted to outsmart the Mafia (“tough patriots” exactly as they are shown in Hollywood movies)…

This is how the Mafia and modern secret agents live, work, and fight with each other and against alternative health: spooky people with kinky lives.

PS. January 2017. The short answer to the main question (Why did she die?) that just came to me now is that she died from uselessness. She knew that her method could potentially help billions of people (since over 90% of all people have traumas solvable by the NDT). But Californian agents used these Mafia crimes (see above) to prove that they (agents) are important (and hence, useful), while Kandis was dangerous and, hence, useless. Other agents, when Kandis was displaced, continued to play the same spiritual or psychological game of usefulness.

Therefore, from this example, we again see the same pattern that the Mafia knows and sees reality much better than modern NSAs. Why? Because the wide application of her therapy would reduce the power of the Mafia by a factor of 10-100. This is why the Mafia was and is so afraid of this technique.

Old comments from the website with the previous name

Jay Mee Jay Profile FBJay Mee Jay · Commented on Why Kandis Blakely, New Decision Therapy creator, died
holistic Dr. Justine Damond no too
Public · Jul 18, 2017 5:56am


Artour Rakhimov FB ProfileArtour Rakhimov · Commented on Why Kandis Blakely, New Decision Therapy creator, died
Thanks, Jay. As I remember Justin Damond was a guest speaker on one of Dr. Joe Dispenza teleclasses about 2 years ago about vibrational matchmaking and her engagement with Don.
Public · Jul 18, 2017 6:59am · View Thread

Artour Rakhimov FB ProfileArtour Rakhimov · Commented on Why Kandis Blakely, New Decision Therapy creator, died
I made a web page about Justine Damond
Public · Jul 20, 2017 8:39am · View Thread


Jay Mee Jay Profile FBJay Mee Jay · Commented on Why Kandis Blakely, New Decision Therapy creator, died
holistic Dr. Justine Damond as well
Public · Jul 18, 2017 5:56am · Comment was moderated.


Jaelin Rayne FB ProfileJaelin Rayne · Commented on Why Kandis Blakely, New Decision Therapy creator, died
Please verify Kandis’s death. The last I knew, she lived in Dominique.
Public · Feb 6, 2017 7:05pm · Comment was moderated.


Artour Rakhimov FB ProfileArtour Rakhimov · Commented on Why Kandis Blakely, New Decision Therapy creator, died
I met Lynn Himmelmann, who shared details. Lynn is the only NDT Master Trainer and she teaches NDT in Toronto. She was in touch with Kandis all these years.
Public · Feb 8, 2017 4:10pm · View Thread

Sharon Prince FB ProfileSharon Prince ·Commented on Why Kandis Blakely, New Decision Therapy creator, died
Please see my previous comment.
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Bradley Goodman FB ProfileBradley Goodman · Commented on Why Kandis Blakely, New Decision Therapy creator, died
She died dec.4, 2013 in Chiang Mai, Thailand, I was last to see Her conscious.
Kandis wrote an article, ‘hep ‘c’ sucks. In it She said ‘I’ve lived enough for many, and was thankful.. Aloha
Public · Jun 7, 2017 9:51am · Comment was moderated. · View Thread

Artour Rakhimov FB ProfileArtour Rakhimov · Commented on Why Kandis Blakely, New Decision Therapy creator, died
Brad Goodman Thank you, Brad, for these details. I have heard Hepatitis C cause from Lynn and now added it above.
Public · Jun 8, 2017 1:16pm · View Thread

Robin Johnson FB ProfileRobin Johnston · Commented on Why Kandis Blakely, New Decision Therapy creator, died
So how did she die???? That was a huge elaborate explanation that ended up with no answer of how she died
Public · Oct 18, 2016 7:26pm · Comment was moderated.

Artour Rakhimov FB ProfileArtour Rakhimov · Commented on Why Kandis Blakely, New Decision Therapy creator, died
It is a bit of mystery since Kandis died in South Asia. Lynn was among the closest persons but she was in Toronto not there either…
It was a slow death and the process lasted for years due to a lack of students/support and probably a lot of hostility from secret agents who used stooges as a kind of “mass disapproval”.
Public · Oct 19, 2016 12:20pm · View Thread

Sharon Prince FB ProfileSharon Prince · Commented on Why Kandis Blakely, New Decision Therapy creator, died
Kandis died from complications resulting from hepatitis C. The doctors thought it might have been due to a blood transfusion she received in New York City many years before she was diagnosed. Yes, it was a long process that went on from 2009 to 2013. She defied the odds and lived many years longer than her doctor’s original prognosis for survival, which was only a few months. She sought special treatment from a doctor in South America, who by using a type of infusion therapy literally kept her alive much longer than she would have on her own. She died in Thailand not Malaysia. Kandis was a very private person, so in honor of her memory, I will not talk about the details of her personal life. But to satisfy your curiosity, I’ve answered your question.
Public · May 20, 2017 2:30am · Comment was moderated. · View Thread