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Mental Techniques of Western Secret Agents When Using Stooges (Patsies)

- Last update on June 6, 2023
By Dr. Artour Rakhimov, Alternative Health Educator and Author

This page discusses a taboo topic: secret operations of national security agents against their peaceful targets (not terrorists) while using stooges. The technique relates to negative conditioning using symbolism or symbolic messages provided by stooges through audio stimulation of the brain. 

Secret agents, when continuously monitoring their targets, can apply a large arsenal of methods and techniques in order to achieve their goals. Specific choices of secret agents depend on the level of danger of the target.

Some targets can be proven or known terrorists who may even prepare for some shooting, or massacre, or other terror act (arson, explosion, crash, etc.) that can involve casualties. In such cases, secret agents can apply extreme weapons that can include chemical substances, making an arrest, or organize something serious enough to surely prevent the target from achieving their goals and maintain peace for ordinary people.

Some other targets could be suspects without proven intentions to harm others.

There are also targets who do not have criminal or destructive plans. Let me call them “special targets”. These targets were selected by the KGB Leninist. Some of such targets were mentioned or discussed on pages of PsychologyForPeace. They include Sasha Stalmatsky, Kandis Blakely, Dr. Buteyko, my mother, myself, and some other people. These people become targets of NSAs (national security agencies) because the survived snoopy KGB Leninist (formerly known as GULAG KGB Mafia aka KGB Mafia or GULAG Mafia) agents organize crimes against associates of these special targets or in relation to life and activities of these special targets. Therefore, while formally innocent, these special targets present a serious terror threat in the eyes of modern NSAs (national security agencies), including the FBI, MI-5, CSIS, and security intelligence from dozens of other largest and most developed countries around the world.

During the last 15+ years of my life, I witnessed a certain related activity of secret agents 1,000s of times. A typical example is to organize the following.

If I go somewhere, or arrive at some place, or leave someplace, or even remain indoors and do something that local secret agents dislike or disapprove, the agents organize some artistic expressions of their annoyance or negative attitude. How could the secret agents secretly, and without responsibility, to produce a negative impact on the brain or mind of the target? There are many ways.

This can be done by using, for example, a noise from a car owned by an ordinary person, who is a stooge or confederate. This stooge is usually in a parked or riding car listening loud music in a way that, outside the car, other people hear low-frequency noises that can be described as annoying. This stooge is usually controlled or manipulated by secret agents via a cell phone.

Another typical example is to spoil the exhaust pipe (or muffler) of a car that belongs to a stooge. Depending on the degree of spoilage, a quiet exhaust pipe of a nice car can be transformed into something that produces noises similar to a Harley motor-bike. Then, using a remote control by a cell phone, this stooge in their car can be guided to appear in a specific place in a specific time so that to influence the target.

Among other techniques are methods that involve remote-control guidance of drivers of fire trucks, ambulances, or police cars with the application of sirens. (Would you be more relaxed and happier witnessing dozens of those per day that can follow you virtually everywhere?)

Finally, there are methods that involve stooges whose appearance would not be associated with peace and harmony. For example, national security services can recruit, as stooges, people with serious physical defects (invalids, often in wheelchairs), punks, social outcasts, homeless, and various deviants for visual stimulation of the target. The common feature of all these choices is to select people with some serious problem. This is probably done with the desire to “normalize” or “synchronize” harmonious work of the mind/brain of the target. In a certain way, it is sensible to claim that, for example, good teachers or coaches provide us with solutions so that a person can improve his or her performance, Then the goal of the agents is to provide somebody with a problem (i.e., not a solution), while the change in behavior of the target, according to expectations of secret agents, comes due to seeing the problem (probably with elements of or due to fear), not due to seeing yourself as an improved person  This fascinating psychological technique can be described then as anti-teaching and anti-coaching.

This involvement of additional manpower is possible due to the exclusive position that modern secret agents have secretly claimed while visiting millions of people around the world and making them believe that these secret agents have very special roles in the society and, therefore, other people need to obey and follow exact instructions of agents without having the slightest clue about their exact role and place in these hidden operations. (The exclusive role in the society secretly claimed by NSAs during hidden meetings may be necessary in certain cases, but still ,never mind that much more people die due to diseases or in car accidents.)

So, when people from fire stations, or ambulance drivers from hospitals, or ordinary cops in police cars are involved in these operations, they never know exactly what they do, why, and against whom.

An ordinary person, who spends many hours outdoors, may hear such junk-type or annoying noises once per week or even less frequently. The job of secret agents is to greatly multiply this “amazing” experience and to make it lasting. It is a very important feature of this activity of secret agents to create conditions when this annoying noise is produced and influence the target for at least 30 seconds. Why lasting and what are the effects?

Dozens of top meditation experts teach the following simplest and easiest meditation and mind-changing exercise: 5-10 times per day, just for 30 seconds, but better for 50-60 seconds, close your eyes and imagine how something good happened to you, or give thanks for a certain event or moment, or just pray as many Christians do before each meal…

This meditation exercise can be called “expression of gratitude” or “expression of thankfulness”. Then repeat this experience at least 5, better about 10 times, every day. Therefore, in total, this activity requires only about 10 min per day.

Note that doing this for only 5-10 seconds even 20-30 times per day is not effective at all. For making changes, the activity should be lasting enough for a single session and repeated several times throughout the day to get somewhere around 10 min in total. What are the effects?

That is enough to make permanent positive changes in the brain, as clinical neurological studies discovered. In 2-3 months, as studies show, there are positive measurable changes not only in the brain and its more harmonious work (different parts of the brain better communicate with each other improving digestion, cardiovascular system, and sleep, as some of the effects), but also in the mood, wellbeing, greatly improved peace of mind, and behavior of the person.

The intelligent agent often works hard, as I witnessed that over 10,000 of times (see a typical example below), to make the exact opposite true. The hidden “artist” commonly conditions meals, exercise, sleep and anything else of their targets to negativity, stress, and anxiety (fear of unknown) using street junkies in cars, alarm, sirens, and other noises that are associated with unpleasant experiences, stress, and anxiety.

For example, in recent months (as of July 2015), during one exercise session outdoors (about 30-40 min), the highly energetic agents from the USA, Canada, all EU countries, etc. could easily provide over 30 units of negative messages or stress (artistic expressions of annoyance by secret agents) greatly exceeding the daily norm prescribed by top meditation experts and experimental neurologists.

During last 15 years, on a usual day, I have had from 1 up to about 3-4 hours of this continuous meditation that has been generally revolving about the same symbolic message from secret agents, if we put it in mild terms, “There is something wrong with you”. After 1,000s of such examples, it also certain that there is another part of the message that agents hide in their following activities. Why? Because, if there are no actions after the initial units of this stress-creating technique, there would be more intensive expressions of negativity and stress. Hence, the other part of the message is, “And if you do not find it and change it, you will get more of the same…” Does it sound like a continuous threat coming from some invisible predator?

I see these details and the need for analysis of this secretive technique as very important. This method of pure anti-meditation was likely among the main causes related to mysterious deaths of, for example, Alexander Stalmatsky and Kandis Blakely, leaders of two highly effective alternative therapies. Sasha Stalmatsky was the person who brought the Buteyko breathing technique to the Western world, Kandis Blakely was the creator of the New Decision Therapy who taught over 100 practitioners of this therapy.

Alexander Stalmatsky and Kandis Blakely never knew and never met each other. Both of them had to move from country to country. Kandis had her practice in Santa Barbara, California until famous mysterious 2008-2009 Californian wildfires that killed many people. After these wildfires, she moved out of this state and lived in many countries.

Sasha Stalmatsky lived in Australia, London (England) and Scotland while teaching the Buteyko method and new practitioners.

Both died in Thailand: Alexander in 2010-2011, Kandis in 2013.

In the video below, probably recorded some months before his heath, try to see which feelings, emotions and attitudes towards the world are hidden in his words. One may expect the effects of the above technique on various levels: mental outlook on life, sleep, digestion, etc..

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